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02-11-2015, 07:38 AM
Mens kan maar net jou kop skud en aanloop in die rooi stof. Goeie genade, dit is die soort wat eendag hierdie land sal "erf".


Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has written an open letter to Julius Malema, which he shared on Twitter.Thug to Thug
Dear fellow thug
Julius Malema, our Conmander in Thief, you havenít held back in expressing your disdain for me. So allow me to respond. Pull up a chair.
I have no problem with someone drawing attention to my dark past, because itís not something Iíve ever tried to hide. I did do despicable things; I was a criminal. I know other people who did the kinds of things I did and today it doesnít seem to bother them. Some of them are still doing crime and are better at it than ever. But unlike them, my past bothers me, which is why I give back today and have spent the past decade making amends wherever and however I can.
But I find that what bothers many people more than the fact that I once committed crimes is the fact that I am today successful in spite of my past and am achieving more in my business career than they are, even though theyíve never committed a crime. I canít do anything about that. Iím not going to choose to be a failure or even just average so that I can allow someone out there to feel better about himself.
But what I will not stand for is an even bigger thug and criminal than I ever was calling me a thug and acting like he is better than me.
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</center>You claim I am the reason so many people in the EFF seem to be turning against you. You blame Kenny and me for elaborate plots to destabilise the EFF. One thug to another: youíre giving me too much credit, bra. How could I be Andile Mngxitamaís puppet master. One thing he and Chester Missing have in common is stubbornness. I could never get that guy to do anything his revolutionary conscience couldnít live with. Iíve never even met some of the biggest agitators against you in EFF Ė guys like Lufuno Gogoro. Kenny and I have had nothing to do with how you run your party. Weíre hearing about your shenanigans from the people closest to you Ė and theyíre telling us about it because we always warned them what kind of person you are and what you would do once you had any power again. Donít blame us for being right.
Are we the reason you continue to insist on paying the legislature salary of a convicted criminal who is sitting in prison? My salary was R24 a month in prison and I was one of the most highly paid. I hope the only reason you would pay a prisoner more than the head of that prison is because you would like to set the precedent so that you too can enjoy the spoils of a public salary when you go to jail Ė and not, as I have long feared Ė because Papiki Babuile knows that you were party to the murder conspiracy that earned him 12 years behind bars. I really, really hope he hasnít taken that bullet for you, thug to thug.
All the same, the speaker of the North West legislature has sent you a letter making it perfectly clear that what you are doing for Papiki is illegal. And yet you consistently refuse to even engage with government on what you are doing. And yet you expect people to believe that you will have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption if you become president of the country? .....................................

Nog meer by die skakel (http://www.iol.co.za/news/thug-to-thug-an-open-letter-to-malema-1.1815540#.VNrouvmHPqC)

02-11-2015, 09:52 AM
Elders op Fb ! " Julius Malema het al in 2002 MI6 se aandag getrek toe hy ‘n Cosas-optog deur Johannesburg se strate gelei het wat gekenmerk was deur chaos, geweld en pludering. In die daaropvolgende vier jaar is hy noukeurig deur MI6 gemonitor, en toe nadergetrek. Vir bykans 18 maande lank is hy deeglik voorberei, met groot somme geld en beloftes van nog meer, vir Operasie Vula II. Hy was ‘n nuttige pion, veral nadat die ANC hom in 2012 uit die party geskop het en Malema sy eie party (die EVV) gestig het. Hy het hom vanuit die staanspoor aan die kant van die jeug geskaar, wie se frustrasie teen die blankes in terreuraanvalle gerig was omdat hulle reken die blankes is ‘demone’ en wettige teikens vir ‘n slagting. Kort hierna word Malema en sy woordvoerder, Floyd Shivambu, deur MI6 Londen toe genooi. Alle koste is uit MI6 se diverse rekening betaal. Malema-hulle word soos eregaste ontvang en bly daar in een van Londen se spog vyfster-hotelle, die Corinthia in Whitehall Place. Kamers in die hotel kos tussen R7 500 en R25 250 per nag. In die vier dae wat hy daar was, is hy twee keer deur MI6-agente besoek. Met hulle terugkeer na Suid-Afrika kry die ‘tweede revolusie’ teen die blanke skielik ook momentum; en moordlustige uitlatings soos die volgende, word gereeld deur die EVV gemaak: “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. Honeymoon is over for white people in South-Africa!” Om geen twyfel te laat oor hulle houding jeens wit mense nie, plaas ene Thato Mbateti ‘n skokkende facebook-boodskap op Julius Malema se blad waarin hy onder andere grusame detail verstrek oor presies hoe wit vroue verkrag moet word, hoe om blanke kinders te verbrand en die mans te martel. Verder noem hy dat Malema self ook sy volgelinge aansÍ om wittes te vermoor."

02-11-2015, 08:38 PM
Geldmagte, Imperialistiese en amerikaanse magte was en is en sal altyd ons grootse vyand bly, tot wanneer hulle tyd op aarde ook uitgeloop het. Staan vas

02-11-2015, 11:22 PM
Aletta. Die stuk wat elders op die web is, moet ons maar laat verby gaan. Daar is brokkies waarheid in wat die gewone mens nie kan weet nie. Terselfdertyd is daar n klomp snert in om emosies te stuur. My vermoede is dat dit net nog n valsvlag poging is.

My persoonlike opinie, Vergeet wat jy daar gelees het.

02-12-2015, 08:23 AM
Die gevaarlikste leuen bly maar die een wat n tikseltjie waarheid bevat