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01-26-2013, 06:59 PM
In KZN is daar 'n bende wat uit blankes bestaan wat ATM opblaas.

Die berig kom uit die: “ The Sunday independent “ koerant van 14 Jan 13
January 14 2013 at 08:51am
Carnage: Two ATMs at a shopping centre in Howick were destroyed by bombers. Pictures: Umngeni News
In what could change the face of a uniquely South African crime, a gang of white ATM bombers, thought to be responsible for a string of attacks in central KwaZulu-Natal, continue to wreak havoc as fears of their next strike mount.
The bombers were caught on CCTV cameras that clearly reveal their white skin colour.
The gang, thought to consist of between 10 and 15 men, has masterminded at least four attacks in small towns in recent weeks. The well-armed group operates with military precision.
The witness statement of a security guard held at gunpoint by the gang, and corroborated by CCTV footage of the bombers, indicates the changing face of South African crime.
Armed to the hilt with high calibre assault rifles, the men appear to target towns outside major urban hubs where police response would be minimal.

Systematic: CCTV footage shows a gang of ATM bombers as they set about laying explosives at a shopping centre in Merrivale.
The technical nature of their bombings and the manner in which they ambushed police officers have fuelled speculation that the men have specialist police or military training.
Criminologist Nirmala Gopal said: “This shows that the colour of crime in our country is changing. It would appear that the type of crimes perpetrated by whites has changed and this is a very high-profile turn. Perhaps white people are getting more desperate, considering they are turning to such violent means,” she said.
She added that previous research into the composition of ATM gangs had shown that perpetrators had recruited experts from various relevant fields.
“These gangs fill their ranks with the likes of security guards, cash-in-transit personnel, those trained to work with explosives – for example in the mining industry – or even police officers. Suggesting one type of background distracts from apprehending the real criminals.
“Previous media reports on arrests of police personnel confirm that gangs ensure that expert members from the SAPS and other paramilitary structures are included as part of their ATM bombing syndicates,” she said.
A security expert, who would not be named as he consulted for banks, said that examining the manner in which the gang executed the bombings had led him to believe that they had a military background.

Explosive: An ATM bomber unravelling Cordtex explosive during a heist in Merrivale.
“It is my personal opinion that these men are either currently in the armed forces or have some military experience, especially with regard to demolition and explosives. This will obviously have to be confirmed if they are ever arrested.”
He added that it made sense that elite soldiers would choose to enrich themselves if they could.
“Imagine you are a soldier with specialised training in combat and in explosives as part of your trade, and despite this you are paid a pittance. It is not an outrageous notion that these men would turn to crime for personal enrichment – they certainly have the means. I don’t think this is the work of the right-wing,” he added.
In October last year, bombers struck an ATM in Nottingham Road in the early hours of the morning. A security guard posted at a hardware outlet across the road from the ATM had woken to go to the toilet and had stumbled upon the men as they were laying their charges.
The unarmed guard was critically injured when the bombers opened fire on him.
Two weeks later the gang struck again in Howick, destroying two ATMs at the Spar Centre in Main Road.

ARMED: An ATM bomber, face hidden by a balaclava, is captured by CCTV cameras.
A security guard was assaulted and forced to lie down while robbers set the explosives in a heist he said was perpetrated in a matter of minutes.
The guard identified members of the gang as white men wearing balaclavas and black raincoats.
In early November, two ATMs at the Merrivale Spar Centre were blown up. Seemingly oblivious to CCTV cameras installed around the ATMs, the bombers were seen unfurling rolls of Cordtex, a specialist explosive.
The blast woke a woman in a house across the road from the centre, and when she opened her curtains to see what had happened, one of the gang opened fire, riddling her house with bullets.
They have also been linked to the killing of police dog handler Vidhur Jadoo, who was lured into an ambush by the bombers after the blast.
Jadoo and his partner, Warrant Officer Livingston Mpangase, 40, of the Pietermaritzburg SAPS K9 dog unit, pursued the gang into a suburban area where they were ambushed. Jadoo died while Mpangase survived despite being shot in the head and leg.
The gang’s latest attack came last week at an ATM in Greytown.
Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane said that the bombings were being investigated by the Hawks and that some arrests had been made.
Zwane added that while links could not be made to all the bombings, a project had been registered and investigators assumed that the same gang was responsible.
“These men also pay careful attention to their escape routes and they make sure they have easy passage away from the site.”
He said that thus far, men arrested had no formal police or military training.
“There is no evidence to support the claim that these men are soldiers or police officers. We have linked some of the suspects to other ATM bombings. Bombers have been using commercial explosives sourced from the mining industry.
“Not all of their attacks have been successful.”
Kevin Twiname, South African Banking Risk Information Centre’s general manger of violent crime, said that the agency was supporting the police in investigating the string of bombings.
“The industry’s concern with ATM bombing attacks is the violence and loss of life, as well as the infrastructural damages, that result from these attacks.
“The infrastructural damage that stems from these attacks usually results in notable financial losses as the costs of replacing a bombed ATM can be anything between R300 000 and R500 000, depending on the location of such an ATM,” he said.
When questioned on how much had been stolen in the isolated spate of bombings, Twiname said it was difficult to pinpoint a figure.
He said that Sabric had gathered information that explosives used in the blasts were generally sourced from industries that required them for day-to-day operation like the construction and mining sectors.
Last week a man was arrested at the Swaziland border when large amounts of commercial explosives were found in his car.


01-26-2013, 07:46 PM
Ek het met die A T.M. bomme naby Bronkhorstspruit ook op ’n CCTv kamera gesien dat ’n swart man met ’n ligte vel ook in die nag op die beeld, wit kan lyk.
Ons moet ook onthou dat die PAC die laaste tyd baie aktief raak en dat baie kleurlinge in Natal veral deel van die PAC is.

Kaap se kleurlinge het baie familie in Natal en kan ook as wit gesien word. Ek wil nie sę dat dit nie wit mense kan wees nie. Maar die feit dat hulle in groepe van vyftien werk, is volgens my te veel om wit te wees.

Ek is ook seker as dit wel wit mense was, die polisie nie sou terughou om dit tydens die arrestasies wat hulle reeds gemaak het, bekend te maak nie.

Aan die ander kant kan daar enkele wit lede tussen die PAC groepe wees. Hulle rooftogte sal moontlik ook as geldelike aanvullings vir hulle operasionele fondse gebruik word.

01-27-2013, 01:30 PM

Dit lyk of die polisie die groep gevang het.

Iets wat interessant is dat die media berig noem dat die groep nie uit blanke lede bestaan nie.

Nou is my vraag hoekom dit dan aanvangklik so rapporteer?


11 Suspected ATM Bombers Arrested In KZN
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Durban – Eleven men have been arrested by the Hawks over the past week in connection with a series of ATM bombings in KwaZulu-Natal.

A group of ten men were arrested near the Mozambique border after being found with explosives and firearms. The eleventh suspect was arrested earlier in the week.

Over the previous week local media reported that a gang of white men with military training were behind the series of ATM bombings in and around the Durban area.

However Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko rubbished the claims and announced further arrests were imminent.

“We are confident that we managed to close the net for this syndicate, and it is not a white syndicate at all.

“We are confident that we arrested most of them and expect to arrest not more than five more.” Ramaloko said.

The gang is set to appear in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

01-28-2013, 08:30 PM
Ja n groep van 10 tot 11 om n atm op te blaas se vir my baie. n Stokleier in SAW het gewoonte so sewe lede onder hom gehad.

01-28-2013, 11:56 PM
Vyftien is te veel. En om die samewerking van n wit stick te kry om so iets te doen, is amper onmoontlik wanneer dit nie n amptelike opdrag is nie.