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03-08-2015, 06:43 PM
Eskom is set to buy five million tons of export-quality coal from Glencore’s Optimum Coal, a move which an industry expert has described as “the most crazy thing this past century”. This is according to a report in the Sunday Times.

The newspaper reported that Eskom – which is in the midst of a billion-Rand government bailout – plans to spend R3.76 billion a year on the coal, which is too high a quality to be used in its power stations.

“That coal is not suitable for Eskom use – it could be used if blended down,” said an unnamed industry expert.

The export-quality coal is expensive, and the blending-down process is costly, which raises questions as to Eskom’s intentions in purchasing the coal.

03-08-2015, 10:33 PM
Eskom must shed 1 081 white engineers
2015-03-08 07:20
Jan de Lange

Johannesburg - Eskom has to reduce the number of white engineers by 1 081 and white artisans by 2 179 in order to comply with strict new government requirements, according to a report by specialist labour writer Jan de Lange in the Sunday newspaper Rapport.
The new directives require embattled Eskom, the best performing public enterprise in the affirmative action race, to ensure that these two key job categories become “completely reflective of the national and regional demographics” by 2020.
Some 6 530 people, of whom 30% or 1 786 are white, currently occupy “professional and mid-management” positions at Eskom.
These are mostly engineers.
1 081 white employees in these categories, where 70,6% of employees are currently black, need to be shed until 705 remain.
Of the 21 372 “technically skilled” employees at Eskom 4 487 or 21% are white. By 2020 some 2 179 will have to leave.
A top Eskom manager who told Rapport two years ago Eskom was transforming too rapidly, said Saturday, “It will be catastrophic if our affirmative action targets now lead to the estrangement of people whose skills we need.”