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06-03-2015, 10:54 PM
Het die volgende boodskap op Facebook blad: Landbou Sosiaal gevind: Hi there. So as you all should know, the government has transfered some farms from white farmers to black farmers.
I was approached yesterday by a man named Abednego, aged 42, who's parents received one of these farms in Limpopo. They farm mostly with cattle, goats, sheep and chickens. He is currently working in Pretoria and approached me because I am a student at Tuks.

The only method of farming his family knows is the traditional way and they have little knowledge of farm management. Abednego is looking for a farmer who can mentor him in farming techniques, management, and generating profits so that he can go back home and take over from his parents. He is willing to go work on someone's farm until December to learn these skills. If anyone can help him or knows of someone who may be able to help him, please send me an inbox. It doesnt matter where in the country your farm is. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

06-04-2015, 06:55 AM
What a brazenly stupid, stupid individual! This fool wants to learn how to farm in a month? Something that takes a lifetime of experience and hardship! Who would be so foolish as to go and "mentor" this bloke who obviously does not have the cash (nor the inclination) to pay for such services. The old adage is probably very true "Easy come easy go" - Max 2 years from now and that farm, like most others, will inevitably be "transferred" to a wasteland with most trees chopped for firewood and equipment neglected. It's not like we have not seen this happen on countless occasions to champion farms effectively turned into wastelands in a matter of months!

06-04-2015, 07:04 PM
Abednego... Does not sound indigenous to me?

Who knows what rules apply when it comes to allocation of land. I am
Under the automatic "assumption" that you need to prove your ancestural connection and unfair disposession thereof to be able to claim???

Abednego ... Indigenous eish...

06-04-2015, 11:42 PM
Ja siestog. EK glo ook nie dat daardie plaas ooit n kans gaan he nie. Die knaap het nou gaan studeur, dink dat die lui lekker leefstyl van sy ouers wie se beeste nou bietjie min word, dalk n lekker manier van lewe kan wees.

Twee probleme.

Elke streek het sy eie uitdagings en peste. 2. Om kommersieel met beeste te boer is nie eintlik n lui lekker lewe nie.

Ek glo nie daardie oes gaan opkom nie. Die gevaar is wanneer jy vir Abotnego werk gee, gaan hy wanneer sy beeste op raak, weet waar om weer nuwe kallers te kry.