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03-17-2013, 10:22 PM
Daar is 'n nuwe party gestig wat op 21 Maart 2013, Sharpeville dag, bekend gemaak gaan word. Hulle doel is onder andere om myne te nasionaliseer, stakings te reel tov dienslewering en om studente te help met hulle griewe.


Workers’ and Socialist Party to be launched
11 March 2013 16:40

A new political party, the Workers’ and Socialist Party (Wasp), will be launched later this month.

“We are trying to build it as a party that can provide a political platform to unite the struggles of the working class people, not just in the mines but all industries,” spokesperson Mametlwe Sebei said today.

Sebei said the party intended contesting the 2014 elections.

The party would register with the Independent Electoral Commission this week and would be formally launched on March 21 in Pretoria.

Sebei said mine workers, who were part of the national strike committee during last year’s mining industry unrest, were backing Wasp.

Mine workers in the Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, and Gauteng gave their unanimous backing to Wasp at a meeting in Rustenburg on Sunday, he said.

“This is of huge significance. The launch of Wasp was initiated by a number of different shaft-based strike committees, but this weekend, the rank-and-file leaders of the mine workers nationwide have come out in support of Wasp,” Sebei said.

“Behind these delegates are hundreds of thousands of mine workers, and millions if you include their families and communities.”

But it was not clear who would lead Wasp. Sebei said the party would hold a meeting after its launch, where it would elect its leaders.

He said Wasp wanted to stop the job losses and help create more jobs. It would also call for nationalisation of the mines under a democratically controlled economy.

According to Wasp’s website, it was founded by workers’ strike committees from KDC West, AngloGold Ashanti, Bokoni Platinum, Harmony Gold, out-of-work miners at Royal Bafokeng Platinum Rasimone, and Murray & Roberts Kroondal and the Democratic Socialist Movement.

Elias Juba, chairman of the mine workers’ national strike committee, said the lack of political representation of the working class and poor needed to be tackled.

“Marikana showed that we, the working class, have been abandoned by the ANC,” he said.

“The ANC is more interested in protecting the profits of the mine bosses at the expense of the living standards of the mine workers, their families and communities.”

Juba said the launch of a political party was the obvious next step.

03-17-2013, 10:24 PM
Wonder hoeveel geld stoot die CIA?

03-17-2013, 10:30 PM
Manifesto & Programme for Action

The Workers & Socialist Party was born out of the strike wave in the mining industry in 2012. The watershed of the Marikana massacre conclusively demonstrated the gulf between the ANC and their allies, and the mass of working class people they pretend to represent. There is no going back. The working class needs to reclaim its political independence.

We need a party that can unite our struggles and champion our interests as workers. We need a party based on our struggles, rooted in workplaces and working class communities, with a mass membership. We believe WASP can be such a party. WASP will base itself on the combativity of the working class evidenced in mass workplace struggles, mass service delivery protests, and student struggles against financial and academic exclusion. WASP will be a party of struggle, of unity and socialism.

WASP’s five point manifesto

Kick out the fat-cats. Nationalise the mines, the farms, the banks and big business. Nationalised industry to be under the democratic control of workers and working class communities. Democratic planning of production for social need, not profit.
End unemployment. Create socially-useful jobs for all those seeking work. Fight for a living wage of R12,500 per month.
Stop cut-offs and evictions – for massive investment in housing, electricity, water, sanitation, roads, public transport and social services.
For publicly funded, free education from nursery to university.
For publicly funded free health care accessible to all.

WASP’s principles

We reject outright the corruption of pro-capitalist politicians and political parties.
All WASP candidates for publicly elected positions – whether councillors, MPLs or MPs – are elected subject to the right of immediate recall.
For workers’ representatives on workers’ wages. All officials elected on the basis of the WASP manifesto will only take the wage of an average skilled worker. The remainder will be donated back to WASP.

WASP’s programme of action

We are campaigning for a one-day general strike against mine closures.
We will campaign for rolling mass action across mining communities to build up towards a one-day general strike.
We will extend solidarity in action with all workers and working class communities in struggle whenever the need arises.
We aim to collect one million signatures in support of building WASP by August 16, 2013.
We will campaign to recall councillors who do not fight for the interests of those they are supposed to represent.
We will formally launch WASP on March 21, Sharpeville Day, 2013.


03-17-2013, 10:41 PM
Manifesto & Programme for Action

WASP will base itself on the combativity of the working class evidenced in mass workplace struggles, mass service delivery protests, and student struggles against financial and academic exclusion. WASP will be a party of struggle, of unity and socialism.]

Die DSM en die SAKP het dieselfde einddoel in die oog. Met die begeerte om ook oor dienslewering te staak bevestig aan die een kant die eerste tydbom. Terselfdertyd voorspel dit n botsing tussen die DSM en Zabalaza.