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07-24-2015, 07:37 AM
Iemand mag dit dalk interessant vind..

Introduction from « The Gnostic Gospels »by Elaine Pagels

In December 1945 an Arab peasant made an astonishing archeological discovery in Upper Egypt.Rumors obscured the circumstances of this find--perhaps because the discovery was accidental,and its sale on the black market illegal. For years even the identity of the discoverer remainedunknown. One rumor held that he was a blood avenger; another, that he had made the find nearthe town of Naj 'Hammádě at the Jabal al-Tárif, a mountain honeycombed with more than 150caves. Originally natural, some of these caves were cut and painted and used as grave sites asearly as the sixth dynasty, some 4,300 years ago.Thirty years later the discoverer himself, Muhammad 'Alí al-Sammán; told what happened.Shortly before he and his brothers avenged their father's murder in a blood feud, they had saddledtheir camels and gone out to the Jabal to dig for sabakh, a soft soil they used to fertilize theircrops. Digging around a massive boulder, they hit a red earthenware jar, almost a meter high.Muhammad 'Alí hesitated to break the jar, considering that a jinn, or spirit, might live inside. Butrealizing that it might also contain gold, he raised his mattock, smashed the jar, and discoveredinside thirteen papyrus books, bound in leather. Returning to his home in al-Qasr, Muhammad'All dumped the books and loose papyrus leaves on the straw piled on the ground next to theoven. Muhammad's mother, 'Umm-Ahmad, admits that she burned much of the papyrus in theoven along with the straw she used to kindle the fire.A few weeks later, as Muhammad 'Alí tells it, he and his brothers avenged their father's death bymurdering Ahmed Isma'il. Their mother had warned her sons to keep their mattocks sharp: whenthey learned that their father's enemy was nearby, the brothers seized the opportunity, "hacked offhis limbs . . . ripped out his heart, and devoured it among them, as the ultimate act of bloodrevenge.

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