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Report ID:7642Crime Category:FraudProvince:Western CapeCity/Town:CAPE TOWNSuburb:WoodstockAddress:Woodstock, Canal WalkCrime Date/Time:15 January 2015, 2:30AM Reported Date: 16 January 2015 Related Link: N/A The Incident

Ive posted my car for sale (Dodge Journey) on gumtree in December 2014. On the 11/01/2015 I had a call from a guy called Daniel (073 190 7823) wanting to know if the car is still available and if he can buy the car. He told me that he is a truck driver working for De Beers Diamonds in Namibia and and that he is a Cash buyer. He told me that he only speaks Afrikaans and that he doesn't understand english.
For the next 4 days there was phone calls between us and he was telling me that he is waiting for the cash to be released by FNB South Africa but that I must meet him in Woodstock the morning of the 15/01/2015 so that we can go to the bank and do the transfer into my account and then we will go to the police station to sign a contract to state that he has paid for the car and that the car now belongs to him. He was not able to take the car immediately as he had to take a truck back to Namibia and asked if I can keep the car for 2 weeks and then he will fly down to Cape Town and come and collect the car.

I met with him on the 15/01/2015 and he looked at the car and said everything looks good but that there has been a new rule at the bank and they couldn't release the funds but that he's got another plan. He told me that he handed in some diamonds at a jeweller in the V&A Waterfront and that she will give him cash for the diamonds if I can take him there. He phoned her and she said that she is at the Canal Walk branch and that we must meet her there. She told us the store is under renovations and that she doesn't want to do business in the store. We were told to park at Entrance 11 and she asked what car I'm driving and she will meet us there.

We met a White Jewish (looking) woman in the car lot and she got into my car. She told 'Daniel' what they (her dad) are prepared to pay for the diamonds and there was some disagreement about the possible value of the diamonds. 'Daniel' then asked me to please take him to the 'actual' diamond owners to discuss alternate value. They were Angolan's.

This all happened so quickly and was so convincing. We met with the two Angolans in Woodstock (they got into my car) and negotiations started between them and 'Daniel'. They wanted proof that Daniel was going to return with the cash as soon as the deal was made. Somehow I was talked into an offer (on Daniels behalf) to support the deal by offering cash as collateral to tie the deal over until 'Daniel' and I return from Canal Walk. At this point I thought that if I help 'Daniel' close the deal with the jeweller, then he would be able to pay for the car cash. All 3 of them then accompanied me to the bank (Nedbank Foreshore). The one Angolan (Pablo) came with me into the bank while 'Daniel' and the father waited in the car. An undisclosed amount of money was drawn from my personal account.

On the way back to Woodstock the theatrics began about who would return to Canal Walk and all of a sudden the Angolans needed more proof that Daniel would return with the balance agreed for the diamonds. Daniel then gave them R10,000.00 to proof his worth to the two Angolans. This was not enough and things got a little bit heated. I then stupidly agreed to leave 'Daniel' with the two Angolans and meet with the jeweller at Canal Walk and then return with the rest of the full value as requested. At this point, 'Daniel' was in tears begging me to please return with the cash and not to disappear with the diamonds.

I got to Canal Walk parking lot, same spot as earlier in the day, and phoned 'Daniel' to ask him where she (the jeweller) was. He answered the call (14h29) and said I should wait for her. I put the phone down and minutes later, I tried calling him again but it just rang.

It was at this point that I realised that I'd been scammed! I have never felt this stupid in my life. Reading this story makes it even worse! They have been so good and convincing that I did not once think that all these people know each other.

This must be the worst feeling ever, knowing that you've been take for a ride....how did i not see this coming?????????
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Wees eerder dankbaar dat jy leef