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12-03-2015, 06:26 AM
How Malema will ‘organise and attack’ to dethrone the ANC
Hlengiwe Nhlabathi 2015-12-02 16:27

Julius Malema EFF leader Julius Malema’s ambitions to dethrone the ANC are in full throttle. He boasted today how the captains of industry he met during his trip to the United Kingdom agreed that workers had to be given a stake in their companies. Malema told journalists at his offices in Braamfontein that he was brutally honest with foreign investors. The investors, whom he said were previously arrogant and misled by the ruling party, were told that white supremacy must fall.

“They must let go of a portion of their shares to workers. Gone are those days when we compromise a lot. Look at what it has done ... we are the number one unequal society in the world,” he said. He met with Africa Invest, Oxford Union, Chatham House, the Pan African Congress Movement and other professionals who had done work on the transformation of the state.

“We told the investors they will be safe if they share their resources. [The] #FeesMustFall [movement] showed the ANC is weak”. He claimed to have said that the EFF would never compromise like the ANC-led government under Nelson Mandela. Empowering people starts with giving them a share of the profits, he added.

“I must be honest with you, they agreed with EFF concerns ... they agreed that BEE is not working and has only benefited just a few”. He said his party did not “sell out”, despite criticism that it did by wearing suits instead of their trademark red berets. “The government alone will not close that gap. We need the buy-in of white capital ... We can’t continue to mourn, we must organise and attack,” he said.

Malema also referred to the planned action against Absa in 2016, the year of the local government elections. “Next year, a special task force will run an underground operation in occupation of Absa ... it’s a war against capital.” Malema said no army would defeat organised protests with serious numbers, as was the case when 500 000 marched to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange last month.

Malema said it was the EFF’s mission to dethrone the state. The party would focus on gaining control of municipalities in next year’s local elections and would go as far as to form coalitions with the opposition


12-03-2015, 06:36 AM
Malema: ‘EFF, DA kan dalk koalisie vorm’
Deur Jody Nel 02 Desember 2015 17:00

Die EFF se eerste mandaat is om die ANC as regerende party te onttroon, het Julius Malema, EFF-leier, Woensdag by ’n mediakonferensie in Johannesburg gesê. Die beste manier om dít te doen, is deur deursigtige verkiesings. “Dit is ook die DA se mandaat. Dalk is daar ’n moontlikheid dat ons ons ideologiese verskille ter syde kan stel en ’n koalisie van ’n verskeidenheid partye kan begin.

“Dit sou ’n taktiese besluit wees. Revolusionêre moet soms taktiese besluite maak. Dit sal ons in staat stel om die regering aan die mense verantwoordbaar te hou.” Malema het in sy toespraak gefokus op die punt dat Britse maatskappye in die bank- en mynwese moet besef hulle moet transformeer as hulle wil aanhou om sake in Suid-Afrika te doen.

Malema het gesê hy het met sy onlangse besoek aan Engeland dié stelling duidelik aan nyweraars oorgedra. “Ek het aan invloedryke nyweraars gesê hulle moet transformeer. Ek het die Lonmin-base in hul gesigte gesê hulle is skelm. “Die ANC kan nie glo dat ons met so baie wit mense in Londen kon praat nie. Gwede (Mantashe, ANC-sekretaris-generaal) sou nie dit kon doen nie.”

Hy sê sommige van die nyweraars stem saam dat transformasie belangrik is. Malema en een van die stigters van Investec het glo ’n “woordewisseling” in Londen gehad, maar hy wou nie daaroor uitwei nie. Malema het gesê die man word in Suid-Afrika gevrees, maar hy het dit duidelik gemaak hy duld nie sulke “onaanvaarbare interaksie” nie.

Hy ontken bewerings deur sy kritici dat hy na Londen gegaan het om vlerk te sleep by invloedryke mense. “Ek het met baie belangrike mense daar vergader, maar het nie geld gevra nie. Ons het nog nooit geld van wit kapitaal gevra nie. “Ons gaan volgende jaar Absa beset. Hoekom sal invloedryke mense in die bankwese in Londen geld vir ons gee?”

Volgens Malema het hy nie uitverkoop deur met wit mense te praat nie. “Om met wit mense te skakel, beteken nie ek het uitverkoop nie. Ek praat gereeld met wit mense in Suid-Afrika. “Karl Marx was wit, so ook was Joe Slovo en Wladimir Lenin. Jy kry wit mense wat baie progressief is.” Hy sê nyweraars luister na hom, want die EFF is die “regering in wording”.

Malema sal “oral reis om die EFF se beginsels te verkondig sodat die wêreld weet wie hulle is wanneer daar ’n vreedsame oorgang van mag in Suid-Afrika is.


12-03-2015, 10:16 AM
Hier sien ek 'n paar dinge wat vir my baie interessant is,
Malema wil die regering aanvat (ANC), maar ek het nuus vir hom. Die ANC sal NOOIT en ek herhaal NOOIT die mag afstaan in die land nie. Zuma het net ander dag dit bevestig in min of meer dieselfde woorde. Malema het nie die getalle nie,hy sal moet lieg en bedrieg om die getalle te kry. Gestel hy kom in bewind, gaan hy presies dieselfde pad loop as die ANC. Sy meesters in Europa sal hom in elk geval in die bek ruk as hy hulle besigheid hier gaan seermaak, Hulle sal nie geld wil verloor nie.
Vir hom is dit als oor "show" of mags vertoon, ek dink nie die houtkop besef waarmee hy besig is nie. As die ANC wakker skrik en besef hulle word bedreig deur hom, gaan hulle defnitief 'n plan maak om van hom ontslae te raak.
Die ANC is besig om dik tjommies te word met China, hulle gaan nie toelaat dat Malema met sy Europese hanteerders hulle planne om Afrika , chinees te maak in die wiele te laat ry nie.... watch this space...

12-04-2015, 08:58 AM
Miskien moet mens maar so bietjie dieper kyk en lees om te verstaan (eish dis amper onmoontlik) hoe hierdie kinders se koppies raas!

THE REVOLUTIONARY FORCE today has two targets, moral as well as material. Its young protagonists are one moment reminiscent of the idealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, "Burn the system down!" They have no illusions about the system, but plenty of illusions about the way to change our world. It is to this point that I have written this book. These words are written in desperation, partly because it is what they do and will do that will give meaning to what I and the radicals of my generation have done with our lives. They are now the vanguard, and they had to start almost from scratch. Few of us survived the Joe McCarthy holocaust of the early 1950s and of those there were even fewer whose understanding and insights had developed beyond the dialectical materialism of orthodox Marxism. My fellow radicals who were supposed to pass on the torch of experience and insights to a new generation just were not there. As the young looked at the society around them, it was all, in their words, "materialistic, decadent, bourgeois in its values, bankrupt and violent." Is it any wonder that they rejected us in toto. Today's generation is desperately trying to make some sense out of their lives and out of the world. Most of them are products of the middle class. They have rejected their materialistic backgrounds, the goal of a well-paid job, suburban home, automobile, country club membership, first-class travel, status, security, and everything that meant success to their parents. They have had it. They watched it lead their parents to tranquilizers, alcohol, long-term-endurance marriages, or divorces, high blood pressure, ulcers, frustration, and the disillusionment of "the good life." They have seen the almost unbelievable idiocy of our political leadership—in the past political leaders, ranging from the mayors to governors to the White House, were regarded with respect and almost reverence; today they are viewed with contempt. This negativism now extends to all institutions, from the police and the courts to "the system" itself. We are living in a world of mass media which daily exposes society's innate hypocrisy, its contradictions and the apparent failure of almost every facet of our social and political life. The young have seen their "activist" participatory democracy turn into its antithesis—nihilistic bombing and murder. The political panaceas of the past, such as the revolutions in Russia and China, have become the same old stuff under a different name. The search for freedom does not seem to have any road or destination. The young are inundated with a barrage of information and facts so overwhelming that the world has come to seem an utter bedlam, which has them spinning in a frenzy, looking for what man has always looked for from the beginning of time, a way of life that has some meaning or sense. A way of life means a certain degree of order where things have some relationship and can be pieced together into a system that at least provides some clues to what life is about. Men have always yearned for and sought direction by setting up religions, inventing political philosophies, creating scientific systems like Newton's, or formulating ideologies of various kinds. This is what is behind the common cliche, "getting it all together"—despite the realization that all values and factors are relative, fluid, and changing, and that it will be possible to "get it all together" only relatively. The elements will shift and move together just like the changing pattern in a turning kaleidoscope. In the past the "world," whether in its physical or intellectual terms, was much smaller, simpler, and more orderly. It inspired credibility. Today everything is so complex as to be incomprehensible. What sense does it make for men to walk on the moon while other men are waiting on welfare lines, or in Vietnam killing and dying for a corrupt dictatorship in the name of freedom? These are the days when man has his hands on the sublime while he is up to his hips in the muck of madness. The establishment in many ways is as suicidal as some of the far left, except that they are infinitely more destructive than the far left can ever be. The outcome of the hopelessness and despair is morbidity. There is a feeling of death hanging over the nation. Today's generation faces all this and says, "I don't want to spend my life the way my family and their friends have. I want to do something, to create, to be me, to 'do my own thing,' to live. The older generation doesn't understand and worse doesn't want to.

Hier is 'n skakel na die hele boek


12-05-2015, 08:23 AM
Die EFF het gister n optog na die munisipale geboue in Bothaville gehou. Net n handjie vol (200) mense het opgedaag en dit was glo maar n flouerige affere.