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05-08-2013, 08:48 PM
Op die staduim lyk dit of onluste in Dundee KZN nogal rof raak:

Streets of fire

After days of unprecedented violence in Sibongile during which tyres were burnt, streets barricaded and police fired rubber bullets to disperse rioters, a public meeting heard on Sunday that a hit-list has surfaced containing the names of local politicians and others.
The meeting, which over 300 people attended, held by the Sibongile Task Team (comprising so-called concerned residents of Sibongile), heard that eight men from Maphumulo near Durban had been hired to ‘carry out the deeds’.
Police are said to be aware of such a list and have warned those whose names appear on it.
(See the official ANC response to this and other issues under Letters to the Editor on page 8.)
Mr Shezi and other Task Team members were angry that two weeks after handing over a memorandum to corporate government officials where their grievances against the current Endumeni Council were highlighted, they are yet to receive a reply - even though the deadline had been seven days.
Those in the hall became rowdy and said 'we will start to steal electricity like those in Sithembile as nothing happens to those residents because the residents are radical and the officials soft'.
A week after stone throwing, burning tyres and smashed glass caused chaos in Sibongile - during which seven people were arrested for public violence - those at the meeting vowed the mass action will continue until the entire Council steps down.
The young people arrested following nights of unrest will appear again on May 22 and a large crowd is expected to descend on the Magistrates’ Court. Objects were again thrown at a police van and bottles smashed when the meeting broke up late on Sunday. On Monday afternoon more incidents were reported, leaving the streets coated in ‘Heiniken green’. In the evening, the violence intensified when a mob helped themselves at a Pakstani national’s tuckshop. The owner is alleged to have hit one of the looters with a panga after which he was set upon. He managed to drive off in his vehicle which was then surrounded and torched. He managed to escape unharmed. Another man was also attacked on the street. Eight arrests were made.

Posted 5 hours ago by Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal Courier, Dundee

Municipal office petrol bombed

The ongoing drama within the local ANC and Endumeni Council escalated on Tuesday morning when Ian Grisdale’s (Endumeni’s Financial Manager) office on the ground floor of the municipality was petrol bombed. It is believed the bombers arrived at around 5:30am when the security guards changed shifts. The office was gutted and Mr Grisdale says the damage is extensive. Several more petrol bombs (inset) were found in a shopping bag outside the window. Police believe that the window may have been smashed with a pick-axe, also found near the scene. The petrol bomb attack followed a night of tyre burning and stone throwing after a mini riot in Sibongile. See page 2.

Posted 6 hours ago by Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal Courier, Dundee

05-09-2013, 08:12 AM
Pietermaritzburg maak ook reg vir onluste vir dieselfde redes hierbo.

Soos wat ek verstaan is die mense ook besig om private sekeuriteit ( soortgelyk aan die kaap protes aksies)te mobiliseer om verliese te beperk.

Die hoender industrie trek ook bietjie swaar en soos ek verstaan het een van hul personeel vervoer voertuie ook onder n petrolbom deurgeloop.

Die algemene gevoel is dat ons nou amptelik staakseisoen binnegaan en die volgende rukkie gaan interessant wees.

Die interessante gedeelte tot dusver is dat vakbonde mekaar opdraende gee oor lede getalle en lede afrokkeling en as werkgewers die geleentheid aangryp kan hulle die situasie in hul guns draai.

05-09-2013, 08:30 AM
' n Interesante staak seisoen le voor aangesien die "collective bargaining" proses wat onontbeerlik vir Cosatu die ANC en die Alliansie is besig is om uitgedien te raak soos dit by Mariakana bewys is.

05-10-2013, 08:36 PM
Ja, dit is seker staak seisoen, maar vir die eerste keer sedert die 1990 is die stakers besig om so bietjie momentum te kry. Die hoof is seker nog om die bevolking vir die dienslewering tydbom in te oefen. Maar hoe gaan hulle die dienslewering in die Kaap aanvat?

Dit lyk vir my of hulle vir die doel nou ’n nuwe party in die Kaap stig om die DA mee pak te gee. www.ubuntuparty.org.za Die Ubuntu party is ernstig besig om in die Kaap ook emosies teen ’n gevoellose regering te kweek.

Die vraag is nou if die Ubuntuparty deur die ANC alliansie of deur die DSM alliansie gestig en bestuur word. Wat die Cosatu alliansie betref is hulle besig om vinnig groot veld te verloor. AMCU wat ’n PAC gedrewe DSM gemotiveerde Uni is word nog deur die groot name ontken omdat hulle nie ’n ANC agtergrond het nie. Nuwe ooreenkomste word by die kragsentrale projekte gemaak waar die Aan AMCU unies uitgesluit word. Maar op die grond begin die AMCU unies in getalle die Cosatu alliansie verbysteek. Met ander woorde die Amcu unies is tans die verteenwoordigers van die werkersmag en die uitsluiting van die Unie tydens die huidige onderhandelings gaan die bestaande projekte uiteindelik nog verder vertraag.

Die tweestryd tussen die ANC alliansie en die DSM Alliansie gaan die ANC nog duur te staan kom. Die ANC is die nuwe regime teen wie die revolusie organiseer. Die ANC se adviseurs in die verband is ook nie baie eerlik teenoor hulle regering nie en ek kan nie sien hoe die ANC staande gaan bly om die laaste fase van die vyfde tydbom te oorleef nie. Dit sal interessant wees om te sien.

05-13-2013, 05:32 PM
Ek wonder hoeveel van die mense wat by Marikana betrokke was, gaan nog uitgemoor word ? Die toordokter wat die stakers van muti voorsien het is ook al vermoor.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) will hold a briefing in Johannesburg on Monday about the death of one of its leaders in North West.

North West regional organiser Mawethu Khululekile Stevens, 46, was shot dead at a tavern in Photsaneng, in Nkaneng, on Saturday.

Amcu said the briefing would be held in Morningside at 11am.

Stevens was one of three people killed in the Nkaneng informal settlement in Marikana, outside Rustenburg, at the weekend.

North West police said on Monday that no violence was reported there overnight.

Two brothers were shot dead and two women were wounded in Nkaneng on Saturday, said Brigadier Thulani Ngubane.

He said the police were shot at on their way to the murder scene.

"There were a lot of people gathered there and some started shooting at police and police responded [by firing live ammunition]. We have not received any reports of casualties."

Ngubane said the shooting had been reported to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

He said a group of armed men, wrapped in blankets and wearing balaclavas, stormed into a shack on Saturday night and asked the twin brothers inside where another man was.

The brothers were shot when they said they did not know the man.

"The one brother, who was shot two times, died on the scene, while the other brother died on arrival at the Andrew Saffy [Memorial] Hospital."

Two women, who were in the shack at the time, were injured.

One was shot and wounded in the thigh, and the other was hacked with a panga. They were taken to hospital and were discharged on Sunday.

Branch secretary Gaddafhi Mdoda said workers at Anglo American Platinum would hold a meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the murders and planned retrenchments.

"There will be a meeting at each shaft between 1pm and 2pm. The workers are angry about the murder of our comrade," he said.

He claimed it appeared hitmen were being hired to kill Amcu members.

He said it had not yet been confirmed whether the two brothers killed in Nkaneng were Amcu members.

"We are verifying whether they are our members. We should know by this afternoon," he said.

- Sapa

05-13-2013, 05:36 PM
Protests in Gauteng are diverting police resources away from fighting crime, provincial police commissioner Lt-Gen Mzwandile Petros said on Monday.

The past five weeks had seen 650 protests in the province -- 40 of which had been violent.

"Resources that could have been used for crime prevention were used for this," Petros told reporters in Johannesburg.

"It's taking more resources we could have used to fight ordinary crime."

Petros said this effectively meant there was a violent protest every day for 40 days.

In his news briefing he also spoke about the death of a one-year-old baby in Mooiplaas, south of Pretoria, on Sunday.

The child was accidentally killed and its mother wounded after being hit by a ricocheted bullet, allegedly fired by police.

Police were attempting to stop a crowd assaulting two men accused of stealing when an officer fired a warning shot.

The warning shot then ricocheted, hitting the baby and mother.

The mother was taken to hospital for treatment, along with two police officers injured while stopping the crowd from assaulting the two men.

"This is a story we want Ipid (Independent Police Investigation Directorate) to investigate," Petros said.

"From our side we will definitely be assisting Ipid with the investigation."

He called on the community to allow the investigation to be completed.

"As soon as we have the facts we will be decisive in our actions."

Turning to video footage of a policeman taking a bribe and a policewoman performing a sexual act in Boksburg last week, he said action had already been taken.

The two officers had been relieved of their weapons and taken off duty pending the outcome of an investigation by Ipid.

Petros said a decision on their suspension would be made by close of business on Monday.

The video was recorded in a parking lot near the East Rand Mall, in Boksburg, at 3am on Saturday, Beeld reported over the weekend. A copy was sent to police on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the 20-minute video shows a Boksburg North police station vehicle drive into the parking lot, followed by a BMW.

A uniformed policewoman gets out of the BMW, followed by the driver.

The policeman reportedly climbs out of the police vehicle and waits for the driver to withdraw money from a nearby Absa ATM. The man hands bank-notes to the policeman.

Beeld reported that the policeman is shown driving out of the parking lot and stopping at the roadside.

In the parking lot, the policewoman talks to the motorist, then helps him unzip his trousers and performs a sexual act on him.

He then gives her money, after which she runs across the parking lot to the waiting police vehicle.

According to the newspaper, the motorist watches them leave, zips up his pants and drives off in the opposite direction.

Petros said action would be taken against the man in the video. He also warned motorists there would be a clampdown on people
offering bribes when they were caught driving drunk.

"For every police official that is corrupt there is somebody that is corrupting them."

He said if a driver was caught drunk driving they could get bail of about R1000, but if they were caught bribing an officer the bail would be forfeited.

"The public needs to know that corrupting police is a very serious offence."

Petros also addressed the SA Policing Union's demand for an apology from him for purported sexist remarks.

On Friday Sapu general-secretary Oscar Skommere said: "To say women have themselves to blame for not being promoted because they are concentrating on their husbands and children is the worst insult to women in a democratic dispensation."

Skommere claimed Petros made the comment this week while briefing the media on the appointment of 14 station commanders.

Eight of the commanders were promoted to the rank of colonel and the other six to that of brigadier.

Petros denied making these comments.

"There's no way that I could have said that."

He said he also found it strange that media houses did not pick up on it if he made these comments.

"It would have been a very juicy story," he said.

"If there's a lecture to be given to the provincial commissioner [on racism and sexism] it should be based on actual facts."


Johann S
05-15-2013, 08:07 AM
en ek verneem Piet Retief is ook onder die hand van die boosdoeners.

05-16-2013, 09:22 AM
Piet Retief en Amsterdam loop tans deur:

Piet Retief:
Police on high alert after Piet Retief protests
Wednesday 15 May 2013 09:20

Police are still visible in Thandukukhanya in Piet Retief in Mpumalanga. This after a violent protest action that began on Sunday.

The residents of Thandukukhanya are accusing the Umkhondo local municipality of poor service delivery. They say the local municipality has been struggling to adequately address problems such as road infrastructure for a long time.

The community called for the Mpumalanga government to intervene and address the issues of service delivery in the Mkhondo Municipality.

A meeting was held yesterday between provincial MECs and residents but was unsuccessful.

Mpumalanga Community Safety and Security Liaison MEC Vusi Shongwe has called for calm in the area. Shongwe has condemned the violence: " We are not going to allow people to be unruly in this country. I'm appealing to our people that they must please calm down, police are not going to leave any stone unturned any person or people that will be found on the other side of the law, police will have no options, but to tale action and arrest those particular people."

On Tuesday the protesters set alight houses belonging to councillors, three police vehicles, a truck and two shops.

Meanwhile, 50 protesters are still detained at the local police stations.

Piet Retief protesters set municipality satellite offices alight
Wednesday 15 May 2013 15:05

Residents of Amsterdam near Piet Retief in Mpumalanga have set alight satellite offices belonging to the Mkhondo Local Municipality. This follows a violent protest by the residents of Thandukukhanya which has left several houses, three police cars, a truck and two shops burnt.

Residents of Amsterdam are accusing the municipality of corruption and maladministration. They also are demanding an improvement to service delivery.

Police are on high alight in Thandukukhanya. The residents of Amsterdam have also barricaded the R33 road leading to Piet Retief with burning trees and tyres.

According to the protesters, they decided to set alight the municipal offices after authorities refused to accept their memorandum of grievances earlier Wednesday morning.

Police have been deployed in the area and are using rubber bullets to disperse the angry crowd.

05-16-2013, 09:36 AM
hoe kan n mens n foto plaas van die onluste?

05-16-2013, 02:26 PM
Vragmotor is gebrand en ook n historiese gebou in Piet Retief. Die dorp loop baie lelik deur

05-17-2013, 08:26 AM
ek dink jy moet as n vlak 2 gebruiker inteken

05-17-2013, 10:08 AM

Die polisie van Mpumalanga het Donderdag bevestig 33 mense is in hegtenis geneem in verband met openbare geweld in Amsterdam.

Betogers het Woensdagaand die strate ingevaar en die munisipale kantoor aan die brand gesteek, het lt.kol. Leonard Hlathi gesê. Die betogings hou glo verband met swak dienslewering van die Mkhondo-munisipaliteit.

“Drie polisievoertuie is onder andere ook beskadig en ʼn polisiebeampte het geringe beserings opgedoen nadat hy met ʼn steen gegooi is,” het hy gesê. Betogers wou ook ʼn biblioteek aan die brand steek, maar die brand is gou onder beheer gebring. Daar is egter rekenaars van die biblioteek gesteel. Vyf winkels is ook geplunder.

Hlathi het verder gesê teen Donderdag was die situasie steeds gespanne en is die polisie op die toneel om die onluste onder beheer te kry.

Agt van die 33 mense wat sover in hegtenis geneem is, is minderjariges. “Die minderjariges is in die sorg van hul ouers vrygelaat. Almal wat in hegtenis geneem is, moet Vrydag in die Piet Retief-landdroshof verskyn,” het Hlathi bygevoeg.

Hltahi het gerugte ontken dat vyf mense sedert Woensdagaand se onluste dood is. ʼn Nuuskanaal het vroeër berig twee polisiebeamptes en drie inwoners is glo weens die onluste dood. “Die berig is onwaar, niemand is dood nie,” het Hltahi bevestig.

05-17-2013, 05:54 PM
En so neem die momentum toe en en so glo die land dat die stakings werklik oor dienslewering gaan. Een ding moet n mens die rebelle toegee. Hulle weet hoe om mense te mislei.

05-20-2013, 03:38 PM
hoe kan n mens n foto plaas van die onluste?

Nie noodwendig nodig dat jy as gebruiker inlog nie. Gewone Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) kan gebruik word. Kry die URL (adres) van die prentjie. Normaalweg as jy regs klik met Chrome sal hy vir jou 'n "drop-down" menu gee waar jy kan kies "Copy image URL" - as jy dit copy en die reel hier plak dan voeg jy dood eenvoudig die "[" met IMG daarin en dan weer "]" aan die voorkant en aan die agterkant tik jy net / voor die IMG gedeelte. So kan jy ook die letters "bold maak deur gebruik te maak van die selfde protokol - "open square bracket B and closed square bracket - en dan die selfde aan die agterkant van dit wat jy wi bold maak maar onthou die / voor die agterste B.




Groete! - dit werk mooi op die "preview - kom ons kyk!

05-24-2013, 01:29 PM
Unabated chaos
The violence that has gripped Dundee over the past three weeks spread to Glencoe last week with a municipal office burnt down in Sithembile, roads blocked with burning tyres and trees, and police using rubber bullets to quell protestors.
The so-called Ward 'War Room' was gutted in a fire on Wednesday evening during the height of the protest.
A young boy was hit on the forehead with a rubber bullet, but police questioned as to why the mother had allowed the child to run into the streets during the riot.
He was later treated at a clinic.
A brick was thrown through the window of a Dundee police van after re-enforcements arrived from Dundee and Newcastle's Public Order Unit.
Charges and counter-charges were opened between protestors and supporters of Ward Councillor, Mfanafuthi Zwane, who was insulted during the violence.
Police denied rumours that members of the public had fired live rounds.
The Glencoe riot followed the graffiti splurge that hit Dundee earlier in the week when residents woke up to find walls, street signs and even the Ten Commandments Monument near the airfield daubed with obscene messages against Council and municipal officials.
Members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church were later seen cleaning off the paint, while homeowners also moved to paint over the messages on their walls.
There were rumours that three young men had been arrested for spraying the messages but this was later denied by police.
However, there was a surge in public irritation over the incident on the Courier's Facebook page, with already jittery residents wanting to know when the political authorities will finally intervene to stop what could become 'another Marikana'.
n See more photos on page 3

05-29-2013, 02:05 PM
onluste in jamestown n6 met brandende bande versper uitlanders se winkels geplunder

05-29-2013, 11:11 PM
#14, dankie vir die moeite, maar die eintlike probleem is om fotos wat nie op die internet is nie, op te laai. Mense neem self fotos wat hulle wil/kan oplaai wat nerens anders beskikbaar is nie. Dan wil hulle dit direk hier oplaai.

Die alternatief vir hulle is om hul eie Photobucket rekening oop te maak (dit is verniet) en dit dan daar op te laai. Sodra dit daar opgelaai is, volg hulle dan jou metode om dit hier te plaas. Maar dit is ekstra moeite en baie wil dit nie doen nie.

05-29-2013, 11:17 PM
Toets van die code keyword.

Dit is hoe jy n foto plaas wat reeds op die internet beskikbaar is. Ek het die laaste ] uitgelaat, want die code ding werk ook nie lekker nie.


05-30-2013, 07:05 PM
Tomorrow is the last day of one of the bloodiest and most violent months yet this year for White South Africans...

In 30 Days I have recorded 69 Attacks on 101 Victims, 7 Raped, 20 Murdered! ..20 Farm attacks. Sx

05-31-2013, 11:32 AM
Verstaan ek dit reg. Van die 69 aanvalle was 20 plaasaanvalle.

Met ander woorde. 20 plaasaanvalle
en 49 Stedelik en dorp aanvalle

Dit sal baie goed wees as hierdie onderskeid getref kan word. Daar was in al die jare nog nooit na stedelike aanvalle gekyk nie en dit gaan verseker wild lyk wanneer ons dit begin meet.

06-03-2013, 06:14 PM
Sunette Bridges

Ek het 25 Aanvalle aangeteken in Mei 2012 op 36 slagoffers. 15 Mense is vermoor. 8 Plaasaanvalle…

Gedurende Mei 2013 was daar 73 Aanvalle op 103 slagoffers. 23 Mense is vermoor en 7 is verkrag. 20 Plaasaanvalle…

Daar was dus 3x meer aanvalle, bykans dubbel die hoeveelheid moorde, bykans 3x meer plaasaanvalle en 7 verkragtings!

10-02-2019, 12:06 AM
an additional unethical suit Giuliani composed the other day

leader rich Nixon with white-coloured home current information expo on 1974. Nixon shown she or he wouldnot get or perhaps legal counsel, bob Dean, To to examine on Capitol state slope Watergate active in the basic research moreover the pushed chair for economic council the boy supreme court. (Charles Tasnadi/AP)

original california gran Rudolph W. Giuliani is leased in which to depict chief executive Trump to be the specialised navigates qpid NEtwork (https://qpid-network-app.soft112.com/) lawyer Robert S. Mueller III's scrutiny back to 2016 advertising and marketing campaign. This has been proven as a difficult job position when considering other sorts of law firms, since the limits for Mueller's probe the actual unpredictability of the litigant. the position incorporates doing coax Mueller into a favorable alignment as long as widely mirroring Trump's visits of the circumstance, the for example like selling an individual a motorized vehicle during the time you yell from a bullhorn likely morally repugnant.

in his newsmaking holiday to the welcoming confines along with Sean Hannity's indicate thursday twilight, Giuliani's bullhorn yelling delivered the form of trying to explain must Mueller would not capability thing a subpoena pressuring the us president to respond to questions. (the very new york piece of writing claimed immediately when Mueller previously endangered to accomplish this.)

"when they are idea, We could work something outside, he said associated Mueller's folks. "If they may not be, possibly we must tremble arms and simply just get deeply into a a law suit completed, internet site the power to subpoena? but consumers used up that a majority of toughness, it wasn't entirely rid how they can "messed up who provide power to, on the other hand Giuliani conducted are convinced it's a "tainted lookup,

further along, life-style and offer, Giuliani maintained of which Mueller rarely contained subpoena energy levels.

fogged headlights he shared Hannity.

once they thought a single subpoen, that might be unrivaled at the need craftsmen will at times that transparent if you have a chief executive are not to be having a subpoenaed illegal beginning close to your dog. without hesitation, do you understand why? also fortunately and also still we include the reality scenario doing that our starting daddies evaluated, this is a us president cannot be preoccupied through a offender search. you can always prosecute tiger immediately following. they're get your any time you are he finds the vivid white condominium. you should prosecute that person subsequent.

however, if Mueller considered me another day, "include the boy in, Two a number of hours, like you want, nope ideas that you don't want, we are in short capable clear him / her. I could not displays bursting with chief executive and simply feel, "include two days off to get ready for that and prop the whole lot by way of to the north Korea, I how should any existing american must? will also reveal each of web design manager,

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justice Antonin Scalia attributed a huge amount of skepticism this claim.

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