View Full Version : Verkragting in Suid-Afrika, skokkende feite

09-23-2013, 10:03 AM
Die algemene teorie oor verkragting is dat dit n magsding is van n man wat sy mag wil bewys. Dit is seker binne die Westerse konteks waar maar as ek na die onderhoude hieronder kyk lyk dit vir of blote seksuele bevrediging in heelwat van die respondente se geval n baie groot rol speel.
Menskan sien uit die antwoorde dat dit baie algemeen voorkom en dat spyt maar onbeduidend is. Verder is dit duidelik dat as n vrou haar enigsins in die verkeerde posisie plaas deur bv n guns of gesken te aanvar, sy dit “verdien” om verkrag te word.
Ek dink elke Suid-Afrikaanse vrou behoort die antwoorde van die mense te lees om te sien hoe waar en wanneer sy haarself wetend of onwetend bloot stel aan seksuele roofdiere.
Dit is skrikwekkend. Ek het net n paar van die antwoorde hier geplaas maar gaan lees gerus die volledige verslag by die skakel:
Activists have warned the true scale of the rape problem is being hidden
Sky News went to a township near Johannesburg to do our own impromptu survey asking men whether they had ever forced a woman to have sex.
While unscientific, the idea was to get a snapshot of men's views on women.
The survey was commissioned with a small team of researchers who asked a select number of questions.
In total, 28 out of the 38 that answered said they had raped a woman, and many even explained how and why.
Their answers are extraordinarily candid and shocking.
The most graphic content has been removed but those likely to be offended by such material should not read on.
Here are their responses:
Respondent number one - aged 34
Q: Did you have sex with a woman who didn't want to?
A: Yes
Q: When was it?
A: 2011
Q: Would you call it rape?
A: Yes
Q: How many times have you raped someone?
A: Twice
Q: How did it happen?
A: We were having some beers in a tavern and I spent (money on) the lady but when (the) time arrived (to) go she refused. I had to use manpower to take her with me. We never got to my place so I decided to rape her. The second time it was the same woman again, we met at a shebeen and we had beers together, when she decided to leave the place I escorted her and along the way I raped her.
Q: Did she report the case?
A: No.
Q: Do you know why?
A: She told me that though I raped her what she has I now also have it.
Q: What did she mean by that?
A: She meant she was HIV positive.
Respondent number two - aged 29
Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman against her will?
A: Yes
Q: When was it?
A: 2010
Q: How many were you?
A: Four
Q: Was it a gang rape?
A: Yes. Only the two slept with her.
Q: How old was she then?
A: 16
Q: Did she (report) the case (to police) after the rape?
A: Her parents influenced her to (do so).
Q: Did you get arrested for the crime?
A: Yes.
Q: Were you convicted of it?
A: (I was given) five years placed on suspension.
Q: Do you know someone who might have done the same (thing)?
A: Yes.
Respondent number three - aged 38
Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn't want to?
A: Yes
Q: How did it happen?
A: I always wanted the woman but because (I) am ugly and I knew that if I (tried) to (proposition) her she (would refuse) … unless I have a lot of money to buy her. I knew where she lived and traced her movements and how many people she lived with her in her shack, but I found out that her boyfriend only came (back at) month ends. I went to her place Friday night and it was raining so it helped me attack her well as no one else could hear me. I used a bolt cutter to gain entry, wielding a butcher knife. I told her not to scream until I leave her place.
Q: Did she open a (police) case?
A: I don't know because I never got arrested for the rape.
Respondent number four - age not given
Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn't want to?
A: Yes
Q: How did it happen?
A: The woman always asked me for (a) cool drink or money for transport. I did give her (these things) many times. When I needed her to sleep with me she always came up with excuses. (In) January this year I met her on the street when I was coming from the nearby shop holding plastic (bags) with groceries. I decided to invite her to my place, she came over and when I needed sex she said, 'not today, next time'. I didn't buy the story. I overpowered and raped her.
Q: Did she open a case after that?
A: Yes.
Q: Did they arrest you?
A: Yes, the following day.
Q: Have you served time for the rape?
A: I (awaited) trial for six months. My brother bought the docket from the (prosecuting authorities) for R5000 (£321) and the case was (thrown out).
Respondent number five - aged 28
Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn't want to?
A: No
Q: Why not?
A: It's not the right thing to do.
Q: What do you think about those who do so?
A: They are not man enough; a real man doesn't force a woman in bed for it is a crime to do so.
Q: Do you know someone who might have done this?
A: Yes! But I have no respect for people who do such things.
Respondent number six - aged 24
Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn't want to?
A: Yes.
Q: How did it happen?
A: We watched (a) game of soccer together at my place at night while her parents had gone out. I bought some ciders. I knew she liked them, and we drunk together. In the middle of the game I (raped her).
Q: Did she open a case against you?
A: No!
Q: Why not?
A: I think she just got scared of her parents and avoided the embarrassment.
Q: Have you apologised to her to see if she had animosity towards you after the rape?
A: I tried but she didn't want to talk to me.
Q: How do you feel that you did such a thing to your neighbour?
A: I feel great because she is a nice woman to have (slept) with even though (it was) against her will.