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11-11-2013, 07:30 PM
Eskom apologises for spying on NGOs
2013-11-11 14:51

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Dane McDonald, News24

Cape Town – Eskom has publicly apologised to three environmental NGO’s after it was accused of spying on them.

“The use of private companies to gather intelligence from stakeholders is unacceptable and not how Eskom does business,” Eskom CE Brian Dames said.

“To the extent that this may have happened as a consequence, even if unintended, is regrettable and Eskom apologises for this.”

Eskom contracted intelligence services company Swartberg to gather information on Greenpeace, groundwork, and Earthlife Africa.

According to Tristen Taylor, project co-ordinator for Earthlife Africa, Eskom paid Swartberg between R1.5-10m for intelligence services.

“The company infiltrated public meetings, marches, demonstrations and made analysis of what was going on,” he told News24.

“One incident of suspected telephone surveillance has been passed on to the South Africa Police Service,” he said.

In earlier reports Taylor said Eskom felt threatened by the organisation's stance for clean energy production.

"Eskom is threatened by the fact that coal is getting outdated as an economic model for energy production... the power utility is threatened by that."

Eskom has made a full disclosure of its activities to the respective organisations.

In a joint statement the representatives said that their key demands for a full internal investigation and public apology had been met.

11-12-2013, 08:53 AM

Eskom regrets spying on power plant workers
by Paul Vecchiatto, 12 November 2013, 07:09

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Eskom CEO Brian Dames. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
Eskom CEO Brian Dames. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

POWER utility Eskom has apologised for using a private spy company, Swartberg Intelligence Support Services, to keep watch over workers at its Medupi power plant, and over nongovernmental organisations Green peace Africa, Earthlife Africa, and groundWork.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames issued the apology on Monday, saying that was not the way Eskom does business and that the contract with Swartberg has been terminated.

"The use of private companies to gather intelligence from stakeholders is unacceptable and not how Eskom does business,’’ said Mr Dames. "To the extent that this may have happened as a consequence, even if unintended, is regrettable and Eskom apologises for this."

According to representatives of the affected organisations, Eskom has made full disclosure on this matter to them.

However, Swartberg Intelligence Support Services MD Lucas Swart said his company helped to save lives and insists that his employees gathered information ethically.

"No one has the right to call us spies as we gather our information openly and with the knowledge of people concerned. It was our information that alerted Eskom that there were explosives at Medupi’s Unit 6 with a plot to blow it up, so the workers could extend their contract by having to rebuild it."

Mr Lucas also claimed that it was his employees who alerted Eskom and the police to another plot by workers to murder expatriate employees at Medupi so as to discourage the hiring of foreign workers. "It was my staff who did some very good and brave work in difficult circumstances to alert Eskom to these things. However, if Eskom wants to apologise for it, then so be it," he said.

In July an Eskom worker at Medupi was arrested for possession of unlicensed commercial explosives that included blasting cartridges, a 5m detonator cord, detonator and a detonator shock tube.

Medupi and Kusile have been plagued by labour problems with strikes having contributed to the delays of the commissioning of both plants by up to two years.

South African workers at both plants objected to the hiring of specialised welders and other key technical personnel from other parts of the world, including Thailand.

Bobby Peek, director of environmental justice group groundWork, questioned the R10m Eskom had paid Swartberg.

"They could have spent the money better just trying to engage with and understand the organisations they are dealing with."

He said that Eskom’s method of gathering information clandestinely undermined democratic tenets under which people would express their feelings in public meetings.

"Secondly, Eskom doesn’t seem to fathom the feelings that still run deep within communities about ‘agents’ or informers, or ‘impimpis’ as they were called during apartheid," Mr Peek said.

11-12-2013, 09:41 AM
Nou ja, klink of Swartberg hulle baie seergemaak het en hulle hou nou n wrok. Waarom anders nou nog tekere gaan? Of is dit net om seker te maak Swartberg word nie weer ingespan nie. In elk geval, rondkyk, rondkyk is seker die wagwoord van die tyd vir Swartberg en sy mense.

Vêrder is enige dekking in die media van waarde. Miskien maak hierdie nou ander deure oop?

11-12-2013, 10:19 AM
20 voor 1 gaan Radio 702 met Lukas praat.

11-12-2013, 12:10 PM
Hulle het gebel en gesê dat hulle my 12:35 weer gaan bel. bid maar vir my.

11-12-2013, 12:28 PM
Ek bid dat God jou as instrument sal gebruik, alle eer aan God.

11-12-2013, 12:49 PM
Lukas jou gesprek was evens onduidelik, maar jy het nog altyd goed gepraat. Die ou wou eindlik net weet op welke manier julle inligting ingesamel het, behalwe kaartjies wat nog.

11-12-2013, 12:54 PM
ai tog, dit gemis!

11-12-2013, 01:07 PM
Dit klink of die probleem die metode is waarop inligting ingesamel word.

Bietjie positiewe kritiek. As die telefoonlyn duideliker was sou 702 jou 'n langer tyd op die lug gegee het. Omdat die tyd kort was lyk dit of jy voorgee jy gee net besigheidskaartjies uit en die inligting kom self in.

Wat deurgekom het is dat mense in die land inherent nie van geweld hou nie en wil meehelp om dit te stop.

11-12-2013, 04:09 PM
Inside Eskom’s spying
12 Nov 2013
Rowan Philip

AN internal Eskom investigation has revealed that cryptography, James Bond-style pen cameras and secret agents were used to spy on its own workers at the new Medupi power station.
The boss of the intelligence company hired by Eskom has also made claims to The Witness that his intelligence may have stopped saboteurs from “blowing up” a key unit at the giant R120 billion station last year.
Yesterday, Eskom’s CEO Brian Dames apologised to stakeholders on the Medupi project for “the use of private companies to gather intelligence from stakeholders”, following the conclusion of an internal investigation conducted by Bowman Gilfillan.
In June 2011, Eskom hired Swartberg Intelligence Support Services in an effort to reduce the risk posed by violent labour strikes, personal threats and arson attacks, which had dogged the project in Lephalale, Limpopo.
The energy parastatal fired Swartberg in February after reports claimed that the company had also “spied” on the environmental groups Greenpeace Africa, Earthlife Africa, and Pietermaritzburg-based groundWork, which first challenged the Medupi project in 2009.
Yesterday, the three groups — which had suspended their participation in Eskom’s NGO forum in protest — agreed to rejoin the forum.
Director of Earthlife Africa Tristen Taylor said: “We believe that our key demands, which were for a full internal investigation and a public apology, have been met.”
However, director of groundWork, Bobby Peek, said he remained “totally opposed” to Medupi — and that his earlier privacy concerns over Swartberg’s spying had moved to “the fact that it was a total waste of money”.
Although he called for the 100-page report to be made public by Eskom, Peek said he was unable to furnish The Witness with a copy due to an undertaking with Eskom.
However — in revelations independently confirmed by The Witness — Peek said the report stated that:
• Eskom contracted Swartberg to “place intelligence resources on site (at Medupi) in strategic and sensitive areas” as well as in “outlying areas of Lephalale” to provide early warning of planned violent actions;
• Night vision goggles and cameras disguised as “little pens and glasses” were reportedly among the equipment purchased for the project. However, the investigation found no evidence that electronic surveillance was used;
• Informants were used by Swartberg to “infiltrate” community meetings conducted by NGOs, while unspecified “sting operations” were undertaken by the company;
• “Clandestine operations” were undertaken by a second company sub-contracted by Swartberg, which sought to “recruit” informants within stakeholder groups; and
•Swartberg repeatedly reported its use of “cryptography” to Eskom — including “interpreting” signs of criminal activity, such as “twisted pieces of metal, flattened grass and piles of pebbles”.
Meanwhile, when contacted by The Witness yesterday, director of Swartberg, Lukas Swart, insisted the company had provided “a valuable and lawful service” to Eskom — and claimed it may have saved lives.
“We reported to Eskom that there were those who desired to blow up Unit 6 [at the power station],” said Swart. “We identified individuals who desired to carry out this action in order to work [there] longer; to work on the rebuilding of Medupi. Ours was a crucial service for them.”
However, although Swartberg liaised regularly with the SAPS, the Gilfillan report could find no evidence that any criminal plots — such as the alleged bomb plot — had been foiled.
Swart said: “Our method of intelligence gathering is unorthodox and never used before, and our philosophy is based on people being fed up with violence — but it is legal and it is not spying.”
Peek said the report found Eskom had not explicitly breached any laws, and — while some managers were aware of the use of informants — had never ordered Swartberg to infiltrate community and labour groups.
Despite some exotic methods mentioned in the report, Peek said the overall findings were that “this group largely gathered so-called intelligence which you can easily get from our websites, or simply by attending a meeting as a member of the public. It was laughable, on one level. Our chief concern with the spying is not that we have anything to hide — we don’t — but rather that it threatens the spirit of openness in the community and it scares people.”
No contract figures were set out in the report, but Peek said Swartberg “was paid millions”. He said: “Our problem is not with Swartberg’s methods but with Eskom’s inability to manage its own internal systems, and its inability to recognise that a new coal power station there is not remotely sustainable, either environmentally or financially.”

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11-12-2013, 04:10 PM

Eskom infiltrated NGOs meetings, marches
2013-11-12 12:45
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Dane McDonald, News24
Cape Town – An intelligence company contracted by Eskom infiltrated NGOs’ public meetings and marches it has been revealed after the energy provider made a public apology for spying.

According to Earthlife Africa project co-ordinator, Tristen Taylor, “the security company infiltrated public meetings, marches, demonstrations” and analysed activities and discussions.

The three non-governmental organisations which fell victim to the intelligence gathering programme were Greenpeace, groundwork, and Earthlife Africa.

Melita Steele, energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, says Eskom is threatened by the NGOs’ activities.

“We are viewed as a threat because of our campaigns for clean energy based on renewable and also our work in communities around coal-fired power stations,” she told News24.

“We don’t know when the infiltration started,” she said.

Andrew Etzinger, acting spokesperson for Eskom, said Swartberg Intelligence Support was contracted for 24 months.

“Swartberg cast a wide net including rumours and tip-offs to understand the risk profile associated with a broad range of stakeholders,” he told News24.

Public apology

In a press release Eskom said “Medupi security management had entered into the contract with Swartberg to ensure protection of the site and to anticipate threats to personnel and property following civil unrest at Medupi in May 2011”.

On Monday Eskom CEO, Brian Dames, made a public apology to the three NGOs and condemned the use of private companies for intelligence gathering.

Eskom has since terminated its contract with Swartberg and commissioned an independent firm to investigate and provide recommendations.

According to Eskom the firm found that “while gathering intelligence to prevent security threats to personnel and property is within the norms of ordinary business practice, there was concern about the way in which the contract was managed and the risks for Eskom in contracting such services”.

Etzinger said that in future Eskom will make sure that tender committees awarding security contracts and intelligence follow a different process using state resources.

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11-12-2013, 04:11 PM
Eskom los groen spioene


Elise Tempelhoff
Dinsdag 12 November 2013

Eskom en drie nie-regeringsorganisasies (NRO’s) – Greenpeace, Earthlife Africa en groundWork – het gister die strydbyl begrawe nadat die kragverskaffer onvoorwaardelik om verskoning gevra het omdat een van sy veiligheidsmaatskappye in Lephalale (Ellisras) glo op lede van dié NRO’s gespioeneer het.
Dié NRO’s, wat baie bedrywig is in gemeenskappe wat rondom die Medupi-bouperseel woon, het in Februarie inligting gekry dat veiligheidsmense in Eskom se diens glo op hulle spioeneer.
Die NRO’s, wat lede is van ’n Eskom-forum, het daarna alle bande met Eskom verbreek.
Eskom is ingelig oor die bewerings van spioenasie en het met ’n ondersoek daarna begin.
Brian Dames, uitvoerende hoof van die kragreus, het gister in ’n verklaring gesê Eskom het die bewerings ondersoek en onmiddellik sy kontrak beëindig met die veiligheidsmaatskappy wat vermoedelik daarby betrokke was.
Tristen Taylor, projekkoördineerder by Earthlife Africa, het gister op ’n mediakonferensie in Johannesburg gesê die NRO’s aanvaar Eskom se verskoning, maar dit “mag nooit weer gebeur nie. Ons beskou spioenasie in ’n ernstige lig.”
Volgens Taylor is dit nog nie duidelik waarom werknemers van dié maatskappy op hulle gespioeneer het nie.
“Al wat ons in Lephalale doen, is om gemeenskappe bewus te maak van die omgewingsprobleme wat hulle te wagte kan wees wanneer (die) Medupi(-kragsentrale) eers aan die gang is.”
Volgens Taylor het van die veiligheidskontrakteurs hul geledere geïnfiltreer en probeer uitvind hoe aktiviste opgelei word. “Ons vermoed dit was die gevolg van paranoia en ’n vrees vir regse aanvalle op Medupi. Die veiligheidsmaatskappy was dalk bang ons sit agter arbeidsonrus by Medupi,” het Taylor gesê.
Eskom het die NRO’s belowe dat sulke voorvalle nie geduld sal word by Medupi of enige ander kragsentrale nie.
Die polisie ondersoek die saak nou om vas te stel of enige wet oortree is, het Eskom in ’n verklaring gesê.
Die NRO’s het gisteroggend al na die Eskom-NRO-forum teruggekeer.

11-12-2013, 04:18 PM
Behalwe kaartjies spesialiseer ons ook al vir meer as 23 jaar in misdaad kommunikasie en dit stel ons in staat om misdaad leiers te identifiseer sonder om met mense te praat. Maar wanneer ons weet waar hulle woon, deel ons weer ’n kaartjie in sy omgewing uit.

Verder het ons na die steel van kabels by MEDUPI gekyk en op die manier ’n skeepsvrag houer vol koper tolle in die bosse opgespoor waar dit weggesteek was. Ons het onder andere groot kontrakteurs uitgevang wat koper van die projek gesteel het. Ons het dit met behulp van Kriptografie, sowel as mense wat met ons kom gesels het, uitgevind.

Afgesien van diegene wat ons gebel het, het ek onder die plaaslike bevolking mense gewerf om vir my te kom vertel wat hulle in die strate hoor. Hoorsê tel nie as inligting nie, maar wanneer vier of vyf mense dieselfde storie op verskillende plekke hoor, kan ons aanneem dat waar daar ’n rokie is, daar moontlik ’n vuurtjie kan wees.

Geen misdaad kan plaasvind as daar nie ’n geleentheid vir so ’n misdaad bestaan nie. So het organisasies mense van die straat af begin werf om by projekte betrokke te raak wat Medupi teen Julie 2013 sou destabiliseer. Toe hulle planne uitkom was hulle gesnoeker en baie kwaad. Om die waarheid te sê is hulle vandag nog daaroor kwaad: Hulle planne om die projek te destabiliseer, het , met ander woorde, aan die lig gekom; hulle het die verrassingselement verloor.

Waarom sou dit nodig gewees het om te spioeneer as die mense op straat sommer self oor verwikkelinge praat? Die publiek - oor die algemeen - vertrou nie die polisie nie en is bang om inligting met die polisie te deel. Dit is waar ons inkom. Ons het ’n buffer tussen die mense op straat en die polisie geskep. Die mense kon dus veilig voel om met ons te praat. Ons het dan weer die regte polisie-afdeling uitgesoek om die inligting mee te deel. Hoe maklik kon dit nou wees.

Die Beeld rapporteer dat ek ’n ander maatskappy gesubkontrakteer het om blits operasies te doen. Dit is vir my lagwekkend dat die waarheid so verdraai word. Die enigste maatskappy wat ons vir blits operasies gebruik het, was die SAP self en niemand anders nie.

Radio 702 het gevra of ons telefoon oproepe afgeluister het. Ons het wel kriminele polisiemanne wat by die smokkel van die springstof, om Eenheid 6 op te blaas, sê telefoonnommers aan die polisie deurgegee. Wat die polisie presies met daardie nommers gemaak het, weet ek glad nie. Maar ons kan self nie so iets doen nie. Ons verhouding met die polisie se Misdaadinligting was besonder goed en daardie ondersoeke is net so aan die polisie oorhandig om self af te handel.

Ons is nie ’n spioenasie maatskappy nie. Ons is ’n misdaadinligting ondersteunings maatskappy. Daardeur ondersteun ons die polisie se Misdaadinligting netwerke omdat hulle nie dieselfde vertroue onder die publiek geniet nie. Maar misdaad inligting ondersteuning aan die polisie is nie al wat ons doen nie. Ons fasiliteer gemeenskappe om brûe tussen gemeenskappe te bou: Inligting uit te ruil; wettige strukture te vestig wat misdaad voorkomend is, en om die verswakte verhouding met die polisie te verbeter of te herstel.

As deel van inligting ondersteuning, ondersoek ons ook groen uitkomste. Ons kyk byvoorbeeld na die bou van gassifiseerders wat met plastiek en hout kan werk. Met gassifiseerders kan mense kragopwekkers aandryf sonder om van Eskom afhanklik te wees.

Dit bring my by die volgende punt.

Groot Mega projekte skep ’n ekonomie in ’n gebied en die mense van daardie gebied begin later vrees dat hulle weer van ellende gaan krepeer wanneer die projek afgehandel is. Die maatskappye moet geld in die gebied inpomp, en hulle dink dat om mense te leer sweis en om paaie en skole te bou die probleem permanent gaan oplos. Maar dit is skynbaar te moeilik om projekte van stapel te stuur waar mense geleer word om hulle eie krag en kunsmis te vervaardig.

Sou Eskom byvoorbeeld die sweisers geleer het hou om gasifiseerders te bou en vir die bouers geleer het hoe om metaangas generators te bou, het hulle iets positiefs gedoen. Wanneer die wat koers kry, dan entrapreneur kursusse en besigheidsbestuur geleer word, sou ek dink dat iets blywends en positiefs aan die gemeenskap agtergelaat sou word.

Maar omdat dit nie gedoen is nie, bestaan die vrees dat hulle van armoede en ellende gaan omkom nog net so sterk en vandaar die behoefte om gedeeltes van die projek op te blaas sodat hulle langer kan werk hê.

Hierdie gemeenskap’s vrees is ’n baie maklike vrees om te besweer. Veral wanneer jy ’n NGO is wat groen bevorder. Die groen organisasies betrokke kon ons gehelp het om die projekte te vestig. Maar ’n mens wonder hoe groen hulle nou eintlik is wanneer dit nie oor groen gaan nie maar wanneer die destabilisering van minder groen projekte eerder die voordeel van die twyfel kry.

Instede daarvan dat hulle groen projekte bevorder, misbruik hulle hul beleggers se geld om areas te destabiliseer deur mense vreesagtig te maak vir die uiteindelike gevolg van die Medupi projek. Ek gee nie om wanneer hulle oor die projek self ongemaklik is nie. Maar waarom gebruik hulle nie hulle beleggers se fondse om iets positiefs te vestig nie? Hulle kan hop en spring soos hulle wil. As Medupi nie met geweld en destabilisasie tot stilstand gebring gaan word nie, gaan hulle dit nie keer nie.

En as dit nie hulle oogmerk was om te doen nie, waarom doen hulle nie iets positiefs in die gemeenskap wat blywend is nie?

11-12-2013, 08:19 PM
Dit wys maar net hoe mense gesensiteer word vir n spesifieke agenda hoe minder suksesvol eskom gemaak word hoe meer plek is daar vir privaat maatskapye om krag te voorsien en groen tegnologie van ander lande te duurste in tevoer so gaan die geld follow the money the root of all evil Ek hoop mense soos president zuma neem notiesie hiervan

11-13-2013, 07:56 AM
Die koerante behoort eintlik op hol the wees oor die NGO's se anargistiese metodes en agenda's eerder as oor wie daarop afgekom het.

11-13-2013, 08:13 AM
Dagse Lukas.

Moskien net vazn ons af, wat oningelig is.

Wat was die mandaat was ESKOM vir julle gegee het, maw wat moes jul doen?
Het die groot kokkedoor van ESKOM niks geweet nie? Was hy oningelig dat jul gekontrakteer is?

Groetnis, Hein

11-13-2013, 01:22 PM
• Eskom contracted Swartberg to “place intelligence resources on site (at Medupi) in strategic and sensitive areas” as well as in “outlying areas of Lephalale” to provide early warning of planned violent actions;

According to Eskom the firm found that “while gathering intelligence to prevent security threats to personnel and property is within the norms of ordinary business practice, there was concern about the way in which the contract was managed and the risks for Eskom in contracting such services”.

“The company infiltrated public meetings, marches, demonstrations and made analysis of what was going on,” he told News24.

( Hoe infiltreer ’n mens ’n publieke vergadering ? en hoe infiltreer ’n mens ’n publieke optog ? )

11-13-2013, 03:11 PM
Dis lagwekkend Lukas, regtig!

Onthou ESKOM is 'n regering organisasie.

Jul kan bly wees jul het nie 'n "drone" helikopter gebruik om te infiltreer nie, anders het hul dit ook gekonfiskeer het....soos daai ou wat bo oor die private hospital(Mandela) gevlieg het met sy radio beheerde drone helicopter. Hy het dit nou nog nie terug gekry nie!!

Ai die regering en sy maatjies jaag na wind....!

Sterkte Lukas, onthou die WORTEL-stryd(hoofstryd) is teen die volgende:

Eph 6:12 Want ons worstelstryd is nie teen vlees en bloed nie, maar teen die OWERHEDE, teen die magte, teen die wêreldheersers van die duisternis van hierdie eeu, teen die bose geeste in die lug.
Eph 6:13 Daarom, neem die volle wapenrusting van God op, sodat julle weerstand kan bied in die dag van onheil en, nadat julle alles volbring het, staande kan bly.

Groetnios, Hein

11-13-2013, 04:10 PM
Waarom het Eskom julle genader as hy in die eerste plek nie n vermoede gehad het dat daar iets aan die broei was nie

11-13-2013, 07:31 PM
Die hoofkantoor op die Medupi perseel staan as H blok bekend. Hierdie week was daar ’n petrolbom deur ’n venster van H blok gegooi. ’n Personeellid het dit weer vir die betogers teruggegooi, maar dit is nie die punt nie.

Die punt is dat die bedreiging bestaan het voor ons daar gekom het en dit het weer sigbaar geword toe ons daar uit is. Dit het nie net sigbaar geword nie ,dit hou ook nie op soos wat dit die geval was toe ons daar was nie.

11-27-2013, 07:00 PM
Hier is verlede Sondag se berig wat op bladsy 9 van die Sunday Times verskyn het.


11-27-2013, 07:30 PM

Where am I?
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• Economy
Eskom up for worst corporation award
Nov 26 2013 13:20 Sapa

a worker prepares for coal exports (File:AP)

Johannesburg - Eskom is in the running to win the international award for this year’s worst corporation in the annual Public Eye Awards, taking place parallel to the World Economic Forum.

Eskom supplies 90% of South Africa’s electricity needs through its 18 coal-fired power stations

Eskom has applied for two-thirds of its coal-fired power stations to be exempt from and/or postpone complying with the law on air pollution standards (minimum emission standards) put in place to protect people’s health.

Greenpeace Africa and groundWork have taken these applications as a flagrant disregard for people’s health. Thus, a joint submission was made to the Public Eye Awards to nominate Eskom, which has now been shortlisted with seven other corporations internationally.
"Instead of using South Africa’s abundant wind and solar resources to generate electricity, Eskom continues to use more expensive coal, poisoning our communities and destroying our water resources," said Makoma Lekalakala, sustainable energy and climate change programme officer at Earthlife Africa in Johannesburg.

"Instead of helping to solve local pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Eskom spends our money on expensive, dirty energy. It is selling out both South Africa and the world."

During the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum - taking place next year from the January 22 to 26 - ways will be discussed to increase deregulation of global markets and enable transnational corporations to gain further strongholds over the natural resources, livelihoods and labour of marginalised people across the world.

At the same time, the Public Eye Awards - hosted by Greenpeace Switzerland and the Berne Declaration - will be exposing the violations of certain corporations.

"The health impact of coal combustion in power stations is severe and the financial cost which the state must bear because of this is massive," said Bobby Peek, Director of groundWork.

"Pollutants generated from coal combustion have major effects on the health of communities, particularly the most vulnerable such as the elderly, the young and pregnant women."

According to a study conducted by the University of Pretoria, the estimated external public health cost resulting from Kusile in Mpumalanga, will be over R180m, and 51% of hospital admissions in this province are from power generation activities.
The voting period started on Tuesday, giving the public the power to vote for the worst corporation.
Melita Steele, energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa called on South Africans and the world to vote.
"According to Section 24 of the constitution, South Africans are entitled to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being," said Steele.

"Eskom’s application to be exempted from complying with air quality legislation clearly puts people’s health and well-being at risk, while giving the utility a license to pollute for the foreseeable future."
Steele said it is important to remember that Eskom’s application to pollute can still be stopped.
"It is vital that South Africans demand that the utility complies with air quality legislation by voting in the Public Eye Awards." said Steele.

11-27-2013, 08:49 PM
Hoekom was dit vir Pierre van Zyl so n groot morele kwessie as die ondersoekspan beweer het dat julle nie wette oortree het en oneties opgetree het nie?

11-27-2013, 09:15 PM
Pierre het sy eie agenda gehad. Ek het eposse waar ek hom uitdruklik opdrag gegee het om nie by die DA inligting in te samel nie. EK het hom ook gesê dat ek nie belangstel in mense se nael politoer nie. Maar daardie eposse was nie vir die koerante gestuur nie. Die ondersoekspan het dit wel gekry en ons kon daardeur bewys dat ons nie op die DA of op die enige organisasie gespioeneer het nie.

Natuurlik wou ek hoor wat die organisasies in hulle openbare vergaderings bespreek. Ons op die manier opgetel dat hulle mense gewerf het om ’n aktiviste kursus in Natal te gaan bywoon waarmee hulle die hele projek teen Julie tot stilstand wou bring. Maar toe die nuus natuurlik uitkom was die sogenaamde groen organisasies omgekrap en kon hulle nie met hulle onderduimse planne voortgaan nie.

Maar nou dat die saak verby is en hulle seker is dat Eskom in die toekoms nie weer gaan hoor wat hulle op die grond konkel nie, kom hulle kleure in die Star se berig baie mooi na vore.

Pierre het totaal platgeval en kon nie eers ’n werkbare produk lewer waarvoor ek hom kon betaal nie. Hy het sy vermoë verloor en het my heeltyd/die hele tyd probeer uitlok om opdragte uit te voer wat oneties sou wees. Hy het byvoorbeeld vir my ’n epos gestuur en dan vra gevra om my te inkrimineer en dan by Estred Basson van die DA gaan kuier en gehoop dat ek hom daarvoor sou betaal.

Hier is byvoorbeeld een van die eposse

Pierre van Zyl 16/12/2012

Is hierdie nog in my scope of nie? Sorry maar ek moet net weet, die info het ...

Lukas Swartbergiss <[email protected]>

to Pierre

Dit is inligting wat van haar fasebook beskikbaar en ge-copy is. Maar ek
dink nie dat ons iets van haar nodig het nie. Sy is 'n mens wat opreg is oor
haar gemeenskap en ons moet haar probeer beskerm wanneer iemand haar of haar
party gaan probeer inkrimineer om 'n ander politiek doel te bereik wat die
stabiliteit in haar gemeenskap kan bedreig.

Daar was 'n tyd wat ek terwyl ons na arbeidsonrus gekyk het, alles wat ons
geleer het met MID gedeel het. EK doen dit nog en ek hou nog die kanale oop.
Maar sy is nie 'n persoon wat stabiliteit of die regering bedreig nie. Sy
wil bou en wat misdaad betref, maak dit nie saak aan watter politieke party
of geheime organisasie sy behoort nie. Sy word beskou as eie magte.

Pierre van Zyl 16/12/2012

:-) :-) :-) :-)

__________________________________________________ __

Kan jy nou die leuen omtrent die spionasie op die DA sien ?

11-27-2013, 09:16 PM
Net weer n bewys van wat Lukas 1 jaar terug al gese het van hoe gemeenskape gesensiteer word wat die stakings by medupi veroorsaak het as jy my vra dui dit maar net weereens na hoe die weste ons manipileer vir hulle eie finansieele gewin as sa onregeerbaar gemaak word deur die malemas marikana medupi
Malema wat van al sy bates ontneem is kry dit reg om n politieke party op die been te bring met geld wat van waar af kom dit wil voorkom of al hierdie tipe van dinge aparte insedente is maar saam vorm dit al meer n prentjie van goed wat inmekaar pas sa word gesaboteer ek dink terug aan toe verwoerd n plan gehad het om apartheid optehef hy wou n verenigde state van afrika stig met angola zimbabwe namibie botswana zambie en mozambiek alles in een olie goud diamante steenkool noem dit maar op en dis daar toe sien die weste hierdie afrikaner moet gestop word anders is hulle deel van die koek weg wat doen hulle gee geld vir die anc kry vir stafendas kondisioneer en vermoor vir verwoerd di vader van apartheid 50 jaar later en niks het verander hulle polariseer wit en swart mense hulle het verwagtinge geskep by die massas vir beter lewe wat nie gaan realiseer miljoene rande word geleen by wereld bank teen rente wat vir hulle meer beheer in die land gee die die groenes strem ekonomiese vooruitgang ondeerdagte wette word deurgevoer die uiteinde sal sosiale onrus veroorsaak deur honger mense en uit die gauss sal ons die nuwe grondwet van die nuwe wereld orde sonder twyvel aanvaar

11-27-2013, 09:34 PM
Jip. Ek sien nou wat jy bedoel. EK hoor hy verkoopnou versekeringin Pietersburg. Wonder hoe lank dit hom gaan neem om sy nuwe werkgewer ook in die rug te steek?

11-27-2013, 09:34 PM
Greengroen. Jy moet bietjie kyk hoeveel invloed die Britte vandag nog in ons huidige gemors het. Ek praat van die politiek wat ons beleef. Wanneer jy Brittanje toe wil gaan moet jy ’n CV opbou wat so dik soos Bybel is. Maar toe die Marikana besigheid ontplof, was meer as dertig stakers sonder moeite na Brittanje om aan die Sosialistiese party terugvoering te gaan gee.

Wanneer jy die somme maak om te sien hoe lank kennis hulle gehad het voor hulle kon vertrek, sal jy sien dat dit onmoontlik sou wees om daardie toer te onderneem, as dit nie deur die Britse regering self moontlik gemaak was nie.

Jy is doodreg dat ons hele politiek, nie deur ons beheer word nie maar dat magte veel groter as ons ons hele politieke wêreld beheer.

11-27-2013, 09:39 PM
Hierdie ou begin die regte vrae vra.

Why is Eskom the only rotter in the spy saga?

THE film The East, released this year, examines the trials of a young private intelligence operative as she infiltrates an eco-terrorist organisation responsible for acts of sabotage on supposed corporate fascists it deems guilty of environmental and humanitarian abuses. Hollywood being Hollywood, there’s no position, simply an exposure of iniquitous underbellies.

Its timing is uncanny, as national power utility Eskom has found itself amid similar "corporate espionage" claims. Two weeks ago, CEO Brian Dames issued an apology relating to the commissioning of Swartberg Intelligence Support Services, which allegedly "spied" on stakeholders — the environmental lobby, the workers and their unions.

It seems Swartberg wasn’t all that good, and the quality of its espionage sounds more like a Blisters for Bread fundraising technique, without actually raising any funds, of course. Swartberg maintains the opposite — one claim suggests the firm uncovered a plot that involved workers sabotaging a unit so it would have to be rebuilt.

Spying is supposedly illegal and immoral, but with Edward Snowden, Facebook, Julian Assange, Britain’s GCHQ and Stratfor, and the News of the World in the headlines, never before have interference, paranoia and suspicion accounted for so much of human activity. It is a trend that threatens to desensitise us to this subculture, making it more acceptable.

It is a dark, parallel universe that runs counter to basic human instincts, embodied by Bradley Manning himself — the deeply damaged, possibly certifiable conduit of WikiLeaks. Like Ponzi schemes, espionage is fine until you get caught or things go wrong.

And when they do go wrong, they do so spectacularly, so we are subjected to pontificating. First it’s the human rights brigade, followed by the animal and environmental rights lobby, then it becomes a celebrity free-for-all and we have the objectionable Russell Brand being afforded space to lecture governments about how rubbish they are, with words he finds in a thesaurus.

Left to fester, this suspicion induces a series of baffling decisions without clear answers. For example, what could possibly have motivated the US National Security Agency to tap German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone? To listen to the voice messages she left on her husband’s mobile? ("Joachim, I vant ze macaroni in my study at 9pm precise don’t make noising and don’t forget PVR ze Dawid Hasselhoff omnibus.")

Eskom’s supposed espionage agreement with Swartberg was signed in 2011 between Roman Crookes, the Medupi general manager with a Dickensian appellation, and the intelligence firm’s MD, Lukas Swart. The question is: do exceptions exist?

To answer this, one must consider Swartberg’s role in the context of Medupi’s unpleasant realities. These involve strikes that have halted the deployment of the facilities for two years; violence undertaken with impunity by rock-throwing, crane-damaging workers; and incompetence, via French contractors that appear to have all the talent of a touring English pub side cricket team.

Faced with such extraordinary forces, perhaps best characterised by reports that a worker was arrested for the possession of unlicensed explosives in July, was this simply a case of Eskom protecting its — and, by default, our — interests? Perhaps, but now Eskom, already suffocating under hostile consensus, emerges as the only rotter here. Is this right?

Suspend your disbelief: there are thousands and thousands of highly competent, very good people in Eskom, from Brian Dames, who has succeeded where his predecessors failed, to Caroline Henry, Paul O’Flaherty’s acting replacement, to Crookes himself and the technicians who, whenever an emergency is issued, are discarded as being clumsy political pawns. This is desperately unfair.

We will probably never know the full details, but Eskom must be an object of national pride — the silent, reliable colossus behind the country’s growth. It must be given the tools it needs to protect itself, it must be supported and respected, and under no circumstances should it ever have to emerge, sheepishly, wiping egg off its face, after being tried in the court of public opinion amid a group of scolding environmentalists, having to say: "I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings."


11-27-2013, 10:02 PM
Baie dankie vir hierdie plasing 456.

Ek het besluit om al die artikels hier te plaas sodat ons die waarheid kan raaksien. In die weermag is daar n gesegde wat sê. Wanneer die pers die waarheid weerspieël dit n blote toevalligheid.

In die meeste publikasies is dit waar. Tot op hede geld die gesegde nie vir die Business day nie. Maar vir die res is dit in die kol. n Goeie leuen het n tikkie waarheid nodig om geloofwaardig te wees. En die rede waarom ek die publikasies hier geplaas het was juis om uit elke berig die stukkies waarheid uit te haal.

Maar die skrywer in Business day het skynbaar reeds begin om die dots aan mekaar te verbind..

11-27-2013, 11:18 PM
Kyk wie is die skrywer van bogaande artikel

Simon Lincoln Reader

Simon is the co-founder and chief investment officer of private equity firm RE:RE Capital, specialising in the development of both renewable and conventional energy facilities. Previously he has worked for UNAids. He writes a weekly column for BDlive.


11-28-2013, 01:24 PM
Eskom is vandag besig om n persverklaring te skryf en ek sal seker nie reageer voor hulle ook hulle finale se gese het nie.

Maar hier is nog n stukkie inligting wat iewers in n verklaring kan verskyn.


11-29-2013, 06:42 AM
Die keuse wat gemaak sal word lê tussen 2. Gaan hulle te trots wees om die effektiewiteit van SB te sien en maar net weer publieke / beleggers se vondse mors op konvensionele pogings van intelegensie werk.


Gaan daar geleer word uit die suksesse wat ervare on konvensionele metodes bewys het en n gemeenskaplikke punt kry van waar die einddoel bereik kan word. Op die eind gaan dit tog oor om die bate vir SA klaar te kry ten bate van krag voorsiening vir ons mense en komersieë doel.

11-29-2013, 09:27 PM
Reply's op boonste berig. Onder andere deur P.v.Z

freedom543 days ago
Would that it were an object of national pride. But it is difficult to see in that light an organisation that still hasn't been able to build a simple coal-fired power station (the core of its business), already 2 years overdue, at more than twice the budgeted price. Has Reader now taken Hilary Joffe's previous position as Eskom's spin-doctor?

Teresa3 days ago
"Eskom must be an object of national pride — the silent, reliable colossus behind the country’s growth." - Don't know what this guy's smoking, but it must be something good. Eskom is a national disgrace.

Pierre1 1 day ago
If I quickly scan the above, I can not but make the following assumptions:
1) Someone in Business Day has been working or is working for Eskom to help them improve their image
2) The person has NO idea what Intelligence work means
3) Watches to much spy movies, please avoid these :-)


12-02-2013, 07:05 AM
Hoe stofdig die aktivis, wat nie wis dat die getwis, nie sy eie nus gaan beslis. In die dwaal van die waan, waar elkeen sy eie naam, ten koste van ’n voortbestaan, in die geskiedenisboek wil laat staan. Geestelik versteurd of ego beneuk, probeer ’n stink reuk, die business day verneuk? Wie sal verstaan, Eskom is van nasionale belang met ons voortbestaan in gedrang. Nie die aktivis, daarvoor is hy te dig, dis gewis.

12-02-2013, 09:41 AM
Baie dankie 33. Kan jy vir ons vertel waar Pierre sy kommentaar op die artikel geplaas het. Ek wil dit graag self gaan lees.

12-02-2013, 09:59 AM
Maak daardie link oop en gaan af met daardie bladsy tot heel onder en kyk by comments

12-02-2013, 11:51 AM
Dit is tyd om die skakel na die gebruikers deel te skuif

12-05-2013, 06:28 PM
Eskom's Brian Dames resigns for 'personal reasons'

Power utility Eskom has been dealt another blow with the resignation of its chief executive Brian Dames, who will leave the company in March 2014.
Eskom chief executive Brian Dames has sited personal reasons for his resignation from the power utility. (Oupa Nkosi, M&G)

Power utility Eskom was dealt another blow with the resignation of its chief executive Brian Dames, who will leave the company in March 2014.

Eskom chairperson, Zola Tsotsi delivered the news during Eskom's interim results announcement on Thursday.

Dames had since 2010, alongside former financial director Paul O'Flaherty, played a key role in steering the company's mega-build programme – namely construction of the Medupi, Kusile and Ingula power stations – to bring much needed new electricity supply online. It is just over a year since O'Flaherty's similarly unforeseen resignation took place.

Tosti said that Dames was stepping down for "personal reasons".

Dames, in response to media questions, denied he came under any pressure to step down.

The news comes at a precarious time for the organisation that just two weeks ago declared a system-wide emergency to avoid load shedding – requesting its major energy users to cut their power consumption by 10%.

It has also been experiencing ongoing difficulties with its contractors on the Medupi power project. Chiefly with Japanese owned Hitachi – due to defective welding on the power station's boiler – as well as French company Alstom, responsible for the stations control and instrumentation systems.

At the results announcement, Eskom confirmed it was taking on a second contractor, which the Mail & Guardian understands is Siemens, to ensure delivery of critical boiler protection software for Medupi.

Eskom said despite these contractual difficulties, it remained committed to delivering the first power from Medupi in the second half of next year.

Public Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba noted Dames's resignation in a statement released shortly after the announcement.

Gigaba thanked Dames for his service and directed the board to "expedite the recruitment process to find a suitable successor to ensure a smooth transition", the statement said.

Eskom did, however, announce the long-awaited replacement of O'Flaherty – former group executive for customer services, Tsholofelo Molefe.