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11-18-2013, 04:51 AM
If we look at the book of Revelations, we see it is an unfolding of events which we will witness. Not some nefarious activity we not supposed to understand. I said on an earlier post I believe the Beast of Revelations to be the US Military-Industrial complex.
The Pentagon is the true governing body of the US (and the world). The White House is the faÁade we all see and believe to be the power. The pale horse of the apocalypse looks as though it is the medical part of the operation to finally overthrow the world. From vaccinations, to bio-chemical diseases, elf (extremely low frequency) and emp (electro-magnetic pulses). So deadly, and around us, all over the planet.
I find it odd that Obama gave free cell-phones out to the masses, and the aggression levels in blacks have sky-rocketed. Is there a connection? Cell-phones are the start of the micro-chip process. It is rumoured that the US has chipped their military. One moment it is on the net, then, it is gone as fast.
The US MI complex is everywhere. On every continent, and most Islands. To think the masses wonít take the chip is perhaps not true. These folks use problem-reaction-solution. In fact, they will have you kicking doors down demanding the chip. We are being herded.
We take a look at WW2, the true beginning of the Beast gaining territory through technology they stole from the Germans. The Holocaust is unfortunately a lie, and a necessary one to keep Germany in check and to control any technology that comes from her. The same applies to Israel. The UK is actually a nothingness, propped up by the yanks so no one looks too closely at the US. These 3 countries are totally controlled by the Beast, and they can do zip about it. They fell into the holocaust trap, and it is going to bite them on the @ss sooner than they think.
I donít see the Joos as the force behind the control of the world, however, it suits the powers that be to have us look that way. The Israeliís are as much under the yoke as the rest of the world. Pity she sold her soul to the Devil for Palestine. The lies are fast catching up, and she will be left to fend for herself when the time comes. Megiddo is probably where one of the main control centres are for controlling satellites which control us all. Prism is one of them. Antarctica is possibly another control centre. I am sure there are many more.
Africa. What does the Beast want with Africa? Many things by the looks of it. First thing, they want the whites gone so they can do what they like with no eyes on them. Then they have access to all the minerals, the sea route past Simonstown, and more. They have an entire continent to put up laboratories (this has been done before in the Congo, the birth of AIDS), and a whole lot of test subjects to do their filthy testing on. A nice training ground for new military weapons and techniques. Where better to test new equipment that in a Ďrealí war situation? The black man in Africa is in trouble, and he helps the Beast to his own demise, and ours.
Let us look at Somalia, and the US interest there for example. The horn of Africa is part of Somalia, and does it not look like a nice place to put missiles and what not up aimed at the Middle East? I am no military statistician, but I would put my missiles there me thinks.
These deserted cities in Angola? (I am sure there are more). All built up and no one in them. Perhaps the Chinese will make the weapons and other stuff in Africa for the MI complex, and I guess they have to live somewhere, not so?
Australia. Too many questions on the US interest here. Aussie is unique in that it is the smallest continent, the largest island and shares her territory/borders with no one. Here in QLD, there arenít too many big cities; it is the Free State of Aus. No Aussies want to live here, serious. They dis the place non- stop. No prizes for guessing who has a huge military base 3 hrs from where we are!
One night about a year ago, Hubby and I were outside on the stoep about 23H30, in the dark so as to avoid the mozzies. We lived in an area which is a valley, very beautiful and very quiet. The next minute something shot from the ocean area THROUGH 2 hills of the valley. I nearly choked on my coffee. If I was alone, perhaps I can say my imagination is running wild, but I had a witness.
There was an after vibration that was the creepiest. Like a trail of something in the air most negative. The next morning I sat with binoculars to try see if anything was burned in the area this ball of light came from and went through. Nothing. Like it never happened. I asked a few folks in the area if they heard or saw anything, but, no one had. Nice testing ground here too I guess, nothing but unpopulated area behind the Valley and the Military Base. Maybe the Aussies, but I donít think so. The School my daughter was at had an American teacher for a term or 2. You could see a mile off he was a Military man. Short back and sides (in Aussie???), and boots polished like a mirror. My kid spotted him a mile off and saluted him, he was SO embarrassed, he avoided her after that. What are they doing here? Or in Africa or wherever?
Lots of thoughts, perhaps daft ones, but far too many questions.

11-18-2013, 04:55 AM
Ok, ok, going to leave the Nescafe and switch to decaf..................:p

11-19-2013, 09:21 PM
Please don't. Keep those crazy thoughts coming!

11-20-2013, 03:41 AM
Please don't. Keep those crazy thoughts coming!

Thanks 510.

11-24-2013, 03:37 AM
Nationalist Socialist Technology called Der Glocke, aka The Bell.


The Philadelphia experiment has always intrigued me, I think this bloke really knows his story.