Hi oom

So 4 jaar terug was die groep in die nuus wat huisbraak en roof reel in die Wes-Kaap. Al die partye beweer die groepe is in die Namibia leer opgelei en die buit wat hulle neem gaan terug Namibia toe soortgelyk aan die Zimbabwe en Mosambiekse groepe

Die groep begin nou weer opslae maak en mense rapporteer dat die bendes ook voluit gaan met misdaad,hul gebiede her-afbaken en dat na Richard Staggi se vrylating daar n eskalasie is bende leier moorde en gevegte is.

New Threat in Cape Town

It seems that we South Africans really are easy pickings for the more experienced “international” criminals. It began a couple of months ago with a large group of badies who were hitting Zwanswyk (near Constantia in the Cape) almost every night. It was a mystery how they would just “disappear” into thin air. They would strike and the various armed response service providers were summoned and by the time they arrived, the bad guys had simply vanished. These badies were tracked by the (now infamous) Mountain Men over the top of the Vlakkenberg (just behind Silver Mine) and down to the informal settlement in Hout Bay. A huge collaboration ensued and various SAPS departments as well as the Hout Bay Neighbourhood watch were included in the proposed “bust”. Unfortunately, there was a leak in one of the SAPS offices and the badies got wind of the operation and things didn’t go as planned – they got away.

A week later a more controlled bust was successfully executed and about 35 perpetrators were captured. It turned out that these badies are ex military guys from Namibia. At the time we believed that most of the gang had been caught but they are much more organized than we expected and there are a number of “cells” still active.

Yesterday 7 more perps were captured but there are definitely more in operation. Their “hits” are very well organised, often 2 hits occurring simultaneously. They are extremely mobile and are usually dropped off in the target area and then picked up when the job is done. They are active in Hout Bay, Klapmutz, Zwanswyk, Durbanville and possibly one or two more areas at the moment.

They work in groups of 3 to 4 guys, “hitting” 4 to 5 houses a week in each area. They are targeting items such as laptops, cell phonse, wallets and jewellery, which are easy to carry. Their MO seems to be evolving and they have started using terror type tactics, like painting their faces with a white substance and taunting the victims.

Last week they attacked a home from 2 different sides at the same time and even though the occupants fought them off with edged weapons and sticks, they did not flee. They remind for quite a long time threatening and taunting the residents.
These guys are determined and very organized so please stay alert.