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Thread: *Leaked EFF Communication:*

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    *Leaked EFF Communication:*

    *Leaked EFF Communication:*
    Dear Regional Chairpersons, Secretaries, PCT Deployees and RCTs
    Please see the attachments and the below email earlier sent to leaders of opposition parties.
    1. Please cascade this letter to all regions and sub-regions and ensure that leaders at that level interact with the opposition and civil society to organise a successful march in each and every town that hosts the municipal headquarters.
    2. Sub-regional leadership of EFF should apply for permission to march and demonstrate around town as per the attachment sent to all leaders of opposition parties, which date of the march is 8th August 2017 from 09:00 AM.
    3. All opposition parties should be encouraged to apply in their own name.
    4. Not a single headquarters of a municipality (town) should escape a march on the 8th of August 2017.
    5. It is the duty of Regional Secretaries to ensure that on daily basis, they send a report to the EFF HQ on the state of readiness for the town marches across the country.
    6. It will be a very serious dereliction of duty for any Provincial Secretary and Regional Secretary together with their leadership collectively, should they fail to implement the above directives.
    7. All regions are directed to convene emergency RCTs to unpack the above directives, notwithstanding that telephone calls should be made to every Regional and Sub-Regional Secretary to apprise them of the directives.
    8. Every sub-regional (municipal wards) should be convened in a meeting of all branches represented by 5 people per branch to unpack the directives 1 to 4 and the content of the attachments.
    9. All churches in wards where EFF has members should be approached to provide EFF a slot in the church announcements to announce the total shutdown of South Africa, and their town in particular. They must request congregants in churches to pray for a peaceful demonstration and protest on the 8th of August, and approach pastors to prepare special sermons for this coming Sunday dedicated to the Motion of No Confidence and stepping aside of Zuma.
    10. Ensure that JOC meetings sit with the municipality to prepare for these marches and they sit.
    11. We need a report tomorrow, not later than 15H00, confirming that applications for marches by 1 000 people in all small towns and 10 000 people in all metros, that such applications have been made a JOC date secured.
    12. Provincial and regional structures should fund-raise for the transportation of all these people who will be marching .
    13. No efforts should be spared to persuade civil society and other opposition parties to join and lead the march with the EFF, we will need a report on that.
    14. Attempts should be made to persuade leaders of churches and other faith-based organisations to lead the marches on the 8th of August 2017.
    15. Failure to apply for permission to march shall be a serious transgression.
    16. Print the attached 3-page letter addressed to opposition parties and use it to approach their structures in municipal level.
    17. Structures of Students Command must participate in all preparatory meetings and ensure that they bring a massive turn out of students on the day of the march.
    18. Please ensure that emergency and essential services are not affected.
    19. .Lastly, you must ensure that you print the flyers and posters as attached.
    Cmsr. Godrich Gardee
    [email protected]
    CC: [email protected]
    Cell: 082 370 8402
    Forward message..............
    Dear Leaders of Opposition Parties and Civil Society,
    We refer to the upcoming debate of the Motion of No Confidence against Mr. Zuma on 8 August 2017 and advise as follows:
    1. We have attached a 3 page letter, the content of which is self-explanatory, on the build-up to and including the day of debating the Motion of No Confidence.
    2. We have attached PDF and JPG versions of poster and flyer designs for printing and publication.
    3. List of EFF Provincial Leaders who must be contacted by leaders of opposition parties at provincial level to co-ordinate the other 212 marches in the 7 cities and 205 towns of local municipalities. The Cape Town shutdown is being handled at national level wherein progress reports have been made available to all principals.
    We request leaders of all opposition parties to cascade this email content to their local municipality structures and provincial leadership for urgent implementation and roll out of the #ZUMAMUST FALL campaign.
    Cmsr. Godrich Gardee

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    Weet ons hoe groot hulle sukses was?

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    Hier by ons het hulle een pad toe gemaak vir 'n paar uur en die middedorp effens onwrug maar hulle was maar min.

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    Ons sien hierdie groot beplannings en die media help om dit in n groot geraas te verander maar wanneer dit by die daad kom, is hulle skoonveld.

    Swart mense het die baie moeilik wanneer dit by opdragte kom. In die eerste plek rebelleer hulle teen gesag en rels en in die tweede plek kan hulle nie eintlik opdragte van ander swart mense aanvaar nie. Die enigste manier hoe massas in beweging kan kry, is deur intimidasie.

    Die beplannings is elke keer baie indrukwekkend maar dit is tot nog/tot nou/tot vandag toe/tot op hede geen waarborg nie. Die media is die een wat die vet op die vuur gooi sodat die onrus momentum moet kry en hulle is ook nie so suksesvol nie.

    Omtrent by al die betogings wat ek nog gesien het, is dit elke keer n baie klein kriminele element wat die pot aan die kook moet hou.

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