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Thread: Die begin van die einde

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    Die begin van die einde

    Dit is onvermeidelik dat dinge so gaan aangaan ons het op die punt gekom om te besluit dit gaan of die een of die ander wees
    Hierdie bakleiery binne die Anc het nou op die punt gekom waar dinge nie meer uitgestel word terwille van populisties politiek vir politieke punte nie


    "South Africa is at a crossroads," Treasury declares, before rattling down the reasons why the country finds itself in such a precarious position: our national debt is escalating, increased cost of living (water, electricity, transport), poor growth, high unemployment, the effect of governance failures and corruption, a high public sector wage bill, poor levels of investment…

    Ramaphosa did hit the ground running after narrowly winning the ANC’s elective conference in December 2017 (securing 52% versus 48% of support, but with a divided leadership).

    In January he forced changes at Eskom when a new board was announced (Eskom was identified as posing a major risk to the economy) before Zuma’s ouster in February. He reshuffled his Cabinet shortly after taking office and suspended Tom Moyane, the destructive and obstructive SARS commissioner. And commissions of inquiry into state capture and SARS were announced shortly after.

    But it has not been enough, and the message from Treasury to Ramaphosa cannot be clearer: tough decisions need to be made and they need to be made now. And there’s no doubt most, if not all, will be politically unpopular and will cost Ramaphosa support within the ANC and its unionist allies. He is however going to have to choose between country and party because Treasury is clearly saying the status quo is unsustainable.

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    Ek dink dis hier waar daar duidelikheid kan kom voor die besluit gaan kom moet ek bly of gly.
    As hulle hier verkeerd kies is dit tog duidelik dat soos Margret Thatcher gese het the problem with socialism is that it soon runs out of other poeples money.

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